I'll take Joe

I was home sick with the flu this past week and so watched/read waaay too much national coverage of the Super Bowl for my own well being. It’s obvious that no one has any idea what is going to happen in this game, how either quarterback will perform or if the whole world will get burned from overexposure to Ray Lewis.

I’ve done some pondering on the quarterbacks and how they might do in the big game. Fair warning, having already been drowned in the water that Colin Kaepernick apparently walks on, I haven’t delved that deeply into what makes him tick, you know, except kissing his biceps. He’s certainly a gifted athlete. (Did you know that both Colin and Joe played baseball? Or at least Joe could have and was talked out of it in college. I think they both pitched too. Joe probably wasn’t at the same level athletically speaking as Colin, but weird, huh?)

I did read a couple of nice profiles of Joe. There’s not really that much to get into with him. He’s "dull" except for some fun wedding pictures. His talent was obvious to coaches, but he still had to transfer from Pitt. He almost got benched early in his career at Delaware. The most interesting thing to me was what Joe said when his coach asked him what separated him as a quarterback: "I’m not afraid to fail." This one sentiment just encapsulates and explains so much of what we in Baltimore have been seeing from him these past five years.

So we have two guys, one five years in and one new on the scene. Both have been playing great and the speculation is that neither will get rattled on the biggest of stages come Sunday.

So what will and what won’t make a difference?


  1. Some talking heads have said that Colin is "too young to know any better," but I think that’s doing him a disservice. There are plenty of young QBs who have talent but melt down when things go wrong, which Colin hasn’t done.
  2. On the other hand, perhaps the word "naive" isn’t too far off. Just because he won’t let anything rattle him doesn’t mean that his lack of experience won’t come back to bite him. 9 starts is 9 starts. There is no way he has seen and/or knows the best way to react to everything.
  3. SF run game, including CK, is phenomenal. But I have to believe that Ray Lewis is one of the best at diagnosing and stopping the run (between the tackles) and now that Haloti and Suggs and healthier, I like our chances at keeping it as contained as possible. Also, the Ellerbeast.
  4. If the run game is contained then CK will have to throw more, which he is certainly capable of doing. However, the Ravens have something that no amount of tape study can help him with: Ed Reed. Also, #20 is due a interception. (Side note: if we win and Joe doesn’t get the MVP, I hope Ed Reed does.)


  1. After starting for five years, Joe, unlike CK, has seen, if not everything, than as much as you can see after playing every team in the NFL at least one time. Also, there won’t be many situations that he hasn’t been in before after that many games.
  2. He won’t be afraid to attack in whatever way is necessary to win the game (the nation will feel sorry for whoever the weakest link turns out to be), or take a chance on plays that have little chance to succeed just in case they might. And if they don’t work, he’ll go out and keep playing without letting anything bother him.
  3. Joe believes in himself, but also his team. The offense is taking on his no-frills, let’s-get-it-done-and-if-we-don’t-let’s-try-again personality. Everything is taken in stride.
  4. 8 TDs; 0 interceptions. Up with some historic postseason performances. Don’t know that we’ll be able to succeed a lot with the run game (although having Bernard Pierce will help me sleep better tonight!) so he’ll need to keep that up.

I’m so excited for this game. It’s taken forever to get here. GO RAVENS!!!!

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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