Random and Meandering Rantings of a Ravens Fan

On "The Bomb"
So I get it. It was a miracle pass/catch. Whatever. I am (still) fed up with the lack of credit given to the Ravens. All right, so chances are if Rahim Moore hadn’t messed up so badly we wouldn’t have won the game. However, barring an interception--which Joe hasn’t thrown on a pass of over some ridiculous number of yards in some ridiculous number of attempts all year--there still would have be 31ish seconds on the clock to get three yards and out of bounds on 4th down and then possibly four more chances to get it into the end zone. Denver fans were the ones all up in arms that Peyton didn’t try to use that same time to get down the field and win the game (not quite as far for a field goal, but you get my point). They obviously thought it was enough time with which to do something.

So yeah, chances are we wouldn’t have won if Rahim Moore wasn’t still woozy from that hit he took earlier (I haven’t seen that implied anywhere else, but he did have to leave the field at one point because he was shaken up--I’ve only watched that game at least three times), but there was still a chance we still would have. But we’ll never know, because he did mess up and we did win and we are playing in the Super Bowl!

(P.S. If you ever get a chance to listen to the game with Gerry Sandusky’s radio commentary instead of the TV broadcast--do it! I wish I had been listening to him live the first time I watched the game.)

On Torrey Smith’s Secret Skill
So apparently a lot of players want to be or started out as QBs. Anquan Boldin. Paul Kruger. Also Torrey Smith. However, he’s got some skills as a DB as well. Know how I know? Remember the lack of interceptions on the deep ball I mentioned above? Joe’s stat line would not be as pristine without Torrey breaking up some possible catches by the opposing team.

On Harbaugh’s Doghouse
I don’t know if reports of said "doghouse" are overblown or completely accurate. I just know that I’m pretty willing to trust John in all ways right now. And I’d like to point out that if Bryant McKinnie had been playing all year like many wanted him to, 1) I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have been very good at the beginning of the year--at least not consistently (do I need to remind anyone that he came in overweight after he conveniently "slipped" and "fell" on his steps just in time to miss the beginning of training camp?) and 2) we have no idea how he would have weathered the season, even if he was playing great. What we do know is that he was healthy and had fresh legs just in time for the playoffs. It’s like a secret weapon we’ve had in reserve. And if John chooses to store his secret weapons in the doghouse? So be it.

That other miracle play that "saved" our season.
Yes, hey diddle, diddle, I’m talking to you. I’ve heard lots of comments about how we shouldn’t have won that game and if we hadn’t we’d have lost five of our last six instead of four of our last five (or whatever) for a 9-7 record instead of 10-6. Tiebreakers. Playoffs missed. Yadda yadda yadda. There are so many variables in football you can "what if" yourself to death. But consider this. We didn’t play our starters against Cincinatti because we had a game to give. I have absolutely no doubt that if push came to shove and we needed that win to get into the post season (or to win the North), we would have won it. Whether we would have played so well in the playoffs without the chance to rest our starters beforehand... just more what ifs. We’ll never know.

What matters is that we're in the Super Bowl. I am very thankful to the team for getting us here and for the memorable journey its been. What a season! I have no idea what is going to happen on Sunday, but I truly believe the Ravens will get to hold up the Lombardi and feel that confetti drop for them, Super Bowl Champions.


(I have thoughts on the quarterbacks too, but I’m going to put that into a separate self-indulgent post because it’s getting long.)

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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