Who do we want to win in games between our rivals for the division and the 6th WC spot...

There are several matchups over the next few weeks between the teams we are competing with for a playoff spot. But who do we root for? One of those games was Cincy vs. San Diego this past week, and Cincy won that one, helping us in the WC race but not helping in the division race.

Although if we win all 4 of our remaining games we are locked into a playoff spot, that is not a guarantee with a difficult stretch coming up. So we will probably need some help getting the last WC, or even pulling off the division. So who will we be rooting for in the next few weeks?

Here are the schedule's for each team. Bold means likely win, Italics mean 2 playoff contenders

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-7):vs. Miami (Sunday), vs. Cincinnati (Dec.15), at Green Bay (Dec.22), vs. Cleveland (Dec.29)

San Diego Chargers (5-7): vs. New York Giants (Sunday), at Denver (Dec.12), vs. Oakland (Dec.22), vs. Kansas City (Dec.29)

Tennessee Titans (5-7): at Denver (Sunday), vs. Cardinals (Dec.15), at Jacksonville (Dec.22), vs. Houston (Dec.29)

New York Jets (5-7): vs. Oakland (Sunday), at Carolina (Dec.15), vs. Cleveland (Dec.22), at Miami (Dec.29).

Miami Dolphins (6-6): at Pittsburgh (Sunday), vs. New England (Dec.15), at Buffalo (Dec.22), vs. New York Jets (Dec.29).

Cincinnati Bengals (8-4):vs. Indy (Sunday), at Pittsburgh (Dec.15), vs Minnesota (Dec.22), vs. Baltimore (Dec.29)

So obviously we want Pitt to beat Cincy on Dec. 15, because that would set us up to sweep them and win the division if we can beat them in week 17. I would also guess we would be going for Pitt this week, being that we only have a h2h win over Miami currently. The Dolphins will likely lose to NE next week, so they don't look to be much of a threat to us if they lose that one, assuming we don't go 2-2 or worse.

Tennessee will likely lose the next 2, taking them out of the race. The Jets are a mess, and I see them getting crushed at CAR and losing at least 1 or 2 others games.

That leaves us and the Chargers, who still have match-ups against the underachieving Giants, and then 3 straight division matchups with Denver, Oakland and KC. While they contended the last time they played KC and Denver, I don't see them going better than 3-1, and therefore the spot is our if we can go at least 3-1 and Pitt loses at least 1. For the division, if we take care of business, and either Indy or Pitt can do us a solid and take out the Bengals, we have a very good shot at the division.

So the verdict: root for the Steelers against Cincy and Miami, or hope for Indy to beat Cincy so we can root for Cincy to beat Pitt and keep them out of our way if we end up not winning the division.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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