Mock Draft 8.0

I'm trying to get it where I have one mock draft per week, so this is this weeks mock draft. I am thinking we will be at 21, but anything can happen. MaLor guessed we'd have 1 3rd, 1 4th, and 1 6th, for comp picks, so I'll give that scenario a whirl.

Round 1:

Best Case- Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M.

Opinion: As unrealistic as this is, its still possible. Since this is best case, I have to say this.

Realistic Option- Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech.

Opinion: This man is a machine. His numbers at TE are just eons above everybody else. I would love having this kid.

Round 2:

Best Case- Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi State.

Opinion: This is another kid I love. He is a great guard and would allow KO to go back to RT.

Realistic Option- Zach Martin, OG, Notre Dame.

Opinion: Another G I like that would go well with this.

Round 3:

Best Case- Louchiez Purifoy, CB, Florida.

Opinion: We need a CB and Purifoy is a very good one. He would be a good fit with us.

Realistic Option- Donte Moncrief, WR, Ole Miss.

Opinion: I am a big fan of this kid and I would love to have him to go along with Marlon Brown and Torrey Smith.

Round 3 comp:

Best Case- C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa.

Opinion: This is my favorite TE outside of Amaro, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and Eric Ebron. While Amaro is more of a #1 TE, Fiedorowicz would be better complementing someone rather than have other people complementing him.

Realistic Option- Marcus Roberson, CB, Florida.

Opinion: Another good CB from Florida. He would also be the good 3rd CB that we need. While I prefer Purifoy, Roberson would be fine too.

Round 4 comp:

Best Case and Realistic Option- Weston Richburg, C, Colarado State.

Opinion: Richburg is a very good center and would be a great fit in the 4th.

Round 6:

Best Case and Realistic Option- A.J. Tarpley, LB, Stanford.

Opinion: I'm thinking ILB is less of a need the more I think of it. We have Arthur Brown. There's a chance we have Daryl Smith come back. Not to mention there's Jameel McClain, Josh Bynes, and Albert McClellan, all of whom have starting experience. Then there is the dark horse of the whole situation, Rolando McClain. I think we still have his rights if he comes back, which he said is in his future plans. I'm not putting any faith in him being a difference maker though. At worse, the Tarpley pick is depth.

Round 6 comp:

Best Case and Realistic Option- Tevin McDonald, S, Eastern Washington.

Opinion: I had this in my previous mock. I say we take a chance on off-field problems in the 6th. Its never hard to waive a 6th rounder.

I'll do my look back.

Best Case: WR, OG, CB, TE, C, LB, S.

Realistic Option: TE, OG, WR, CB, C, LB, S.

I wanted to have D-Line, but I ran out of room for that. I still want to get C.J. Mosely in, but as I said in that article, LB is not as big of a need. I am a big fan of Mosely. I still wish I could manage a way to get Evans, Mosely, Amaro, and Hasean Clinton Dix in all in one draft.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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