Some songs that mysteriously fit here

Hi Everyone


This is my first shot at actually writing something here other than comments - and even there i'm sure some of you recognize my name and go 'ah, not that asshole again' :) Also, it might not be the best time for this, since the team is not doing so great (duh).

But please allow me to grab your attention if only for a few minutes.

I'm from Europe, a tiny country called Hungary, slightly left from the middle of nowhere, and even though this country had given more to the NFL in the last decades than you would probably imagine, this is not my topic right now.

I became a Ravens fan not too long after the sports TV in my beautiful country started to show games regularly. At the time i worked for an American company with a peculiar shift schedule, because of the time difference and all, and i found myself going home from work at 2 am, without being sleepy, and trying to find something to watch. And i stumbled upon the games, and before long i was a fan. Learnt the rules on the go, and by reading a lot about it, and i've come to a point where i can confidently say i have a good understanding about football in general, and our team in particular. For this the credit mostly goes to YOU guys, like MaLoR, raven, GrumpyOldBird, Amp, all those handles with some sort of ravens or terps in their names, sorry i can't list all of you - and the others who do not post here anymore. I'm thankful for all the wisdom you have shared here, i learnt a lot from you guys.

My support of the Ravens is well known among us - our guitarist is a Lions fan (poor soul, yeah) - and i always wear my jerseys when we play live - as you can probably see on the picture as well.

But now, to the point. This post should be about songs - and in particular, those of my band - one of them, so to say, but let's not get into that right now. It's called Ghost Toast (yeah yeah i know), and we play stuff that according to most people is really weird - it's basically not a genre you could categorize just like that. It's a progressive, instrumental thing that ranges from rock to drum&bass, from metal to trance, with all kinds of sound effects and borrowed vocals and speeches and the lord knows what else. I've spent 13 years playing in various bands waiting for this opportunity to finally do something like this, and now here we are.

I will not advertise ourselves, that's not my intent at all; to be honest - we could care less about the audience :) if you catch our drift. This is not about fame, and definitely not about money - we have not made a dime with this, nor intend to.

I would only like to show you 2 tracks from our album that was just released yesterday. The whole thing was recorded, edited and mixed on our (basically my) computer, no professional studio or label was involved or anything like that - and therefore it didn't cost anything, thank god.

Both have something to do with our team.

This one is called Legacy, and i'm sure you will find out towards the end why i did this whole thing. Those that are impatient should skip to around 4:20.

And the other one is called Nor Defeat, - again, not much to comment here, this is actually the outro track of the album.

If you're interested in the whole album, you can download it freely from our homepage.

Thanks for your attention, and i honestly hope things will get better with the team as well. Let me know in the comments section what you think about this article, or the music, or just whatever :)

Go Ravens!

WarYou (if you say this out loud in English, you say the word Crow in Hungarian, just sayin)

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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