Ravens-Bills: The Bad

Joe Flacco being sacked by Marcell Dareus. - Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

A look into the players that had a bad game in Sunday's loss against the Bills.

There were players that played good in the loss on Sunday. There were players that played bad in the loss on Sunday. Here is a look at the players on the "bad" list.

The Bad

  • Joe Flacco: QB Joe Flacco had one of the worst games of his career on Sunday. He threw a career high in interceptions with five and he was forced to throw the ball fifty times. The only reason the game wasn't completely bad, was because he did throw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns. Flacco ended the day going 25/50 for 347 yards, two touchdowns, and five interceptions. His total touchdown/interception ratio is now 5-7 after the terrible turnovers on Sunday. Flacco threw a few balls into heavy traffic, which caused them to be intercepted. Baltimore Beatdown's William Stokes had a great article breaking down the five interceptions, and you can find that here.
  • Ed Dickson: TE Ed Dickson definitely didn't have the best game of his career, because it was for sure one of the worst. Dickson looked horrible, and he was the cause of one of Flacco's five interceptions. The second Flacco interception was a clear pass to Dickson, but it bounced right off of his hands and into the hands of Jim Leonhard, former Raven. This pass was also counted as his sixth drop of the season, leading all pass-catchers in the NFL. That is definitely a category you do not want to be the leader of. The bad game by Dickson even made some fans question whether they still wanted him on the team.
Dickson ended the day with two receptions for twelve yards in an outing that he wishes he could take back. We'll see what he can do in Week Five's game against the Miami Dolphins.

  • The Offensive Line: Seriously? Again? This is yet another week where the entire offensive line is featured on the "bad" list. There was not one offensive lineman that played decently. Joe Flacco was sacked four times for a loss of 26 yards, the running backs had a total of 24 yards rushing the entire game, pressure was continuously kept on Flacco, and they just looked horrendous. The offensive line looked so bad that Ozzie Newsome decided to make a trade for Jaguars' LT Eugene Monroe to help boost the line a little. Overall, if the offensive line plays the way they played on Sunday, the Ravens' offense will continue to do bad as a whole, which means they'll begin to lose more and more games.
  • The Running Backs: RB's Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce had an awful game. The rushing-tandem had 24 total yards running the football, and they ended up only carrying the ball twice in the entire second half. They could not find holes (none were created by the line), they couldn't pick up speed, they couldn't break tackles, and they couldn't get any yards whatsoever. Pierce's longest run was three yards, while Rice's longest was seven. To end the game, Bernard Pierce had four carries for seven yards, and Ray Rice had five carries for 17 yards. It is hard to blame the running backs after they only have nine carries total and the offensive line can't block, but an average of 2.6 yards-per-carry needs to be a little larger.
There is the end of the "bad" list, surprisingly! Obviously, like always, there are players that have the potential to be on this list. If you can think of anyone who should be on this list, feel free to express your opinions in the comments below!

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