Rolando McClain's return to the NFL is possible, says agent

Rolando McClain's agent, Pat Dye, Jr., told that his client may want to play football again after announcing his retirement this past summer. - Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE

The Ravens signed McClain this offseason before an off-field incident with police led to an early retirement. However, agent Pat Dye, Jr. says McClain may want to resume his football career when he feels ready to.

Inside linebacker Rolando McClain was receiving one more shot to make a successful NFL career before yet another off-field incident clouded his future in football.

McClain, who had signed with the Ravens during the offseason, announced an early retirement after an arrest for disorderly conduct in his hometown of Decatur, Ala. this past May. He's since returned to the University of Alabama to finish up his degree, reportedly focusing on fixing all the off-field issues that have plagued his NFL career.

As McClain works to better himself, his agent, Pat Dye, Jr., told that there's a good chance his client will want to return to the NFL and play football again.

"I admire the kid for coming back to Tuscaloosa, going to class and trying to get everything in his life outside of football situated," Dye told the news group. "It’s not my decision to come back or not come back. I think ultimately he wants to play again. He’s only 24 years old. He’s talented. It’s just a shame. It was such a great situation there in Baltimore."

McClain and general manager Ozzie Newsome share a bond in that both attended the University of Alabama. Though McClain has had his share of troubles, Newsome thought enough of his athletic ability to bring him onto the Ravens roster.

The Raiders selected McClain with the eighth overall pick in the 2010 draft.

The Ravens placed McClain on the reserve/retired list after the inside linebacker decided to quit. If McClain to decides to return after this season, the Ravens will hold his rights and get to decide if he becomes a member of the offseason roster.

The sequence of events worked out for the Ravens in the end, as the organization was able to ink Daryl Smith after McClain's brief offseason stint ended. However, the Ravens aren't that deep at inside linebacker and could wind up needing another after the 2013 season ends.

As it stands, it appears Dye thinks the Ravens might give McClain another shot.

"It will be interesting to see what happens because the guy they signed to basically replace [McClain], Daryl Smith, is playing really well," Dye said. "I think there are other inside backers who are relatively unproven guys. I think Ozzie has very fond feelings for the kid and wants to see him be successful."

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