NFL All Time All-Pro team

Here is probably the most debatable thing in all of football. An all time all-pro team. I am going to go through my list and feel free to make your own list. I will list 2 DT's and 2 MLB's because of the ability to run multiple fronts.


QB: Johnny Unitas, Baltimore Colts, San Diego Chargers. There is just so many things you can say about Johnny Unitas. He is the just the ultimate QB. He revolutionized the way most QB's play today. Backup: Steve Young, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Fransisco 49ers. LISTEN RIGHT NOW. I am not saying he's the 2nd best QB ever, he is just a great complement to Johnny U. We can put the option in our playbook with Young. He reminds me of an Aaron Rodgers that just ran more often. They both are good runners and passers. Honorable Mention: Joe Montana: Montana was overrated. He was overrated because of superbowl rings and playing alongside one of the best coaches and the best WR of all time.

RB: General-Barry Sanders, Detroit Lions. He is the best RB of all time. He could have had 20,000 rushing yards if he wanted it. That rushing record means little. Barry could have easily had it if he wanted it. There was nobody like Sanders. He is one of the fastest and an amazing spinner,juker, and about every other football move in the world. He wasn't the most powerful, but you usually couldn't get his hands on you. Power Back: Earl Campbell, Houston Oilers. Like Barry, there was basically nobody like Earl Campbell on the planet. That guy was just amazing at breaking tackles with strength. Receiving Back: Marshall Faulk, Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams. Great receiving back. He got 1000 yards rushing and receiving. Most RB's never even dream about getting that many.

FB: Runner/Receiver- Jim Brown: I'm qualifying Jim Brown as a FB here. He is the best at FB ever and there is not even really an argument. Blocker- Tony Richardson, K.C. Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets. While some will want to say Leach here, I think its Tony Richardson for now. Great blocking FB.

WR1: Jerry Rice, San Fransisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders. If anyone is going to debate here, they are retarted (sorry Randy Moss). Jerry Rice is undoubtedly the best receiver ever. He is so reliable, he played into his 40's with success. All time leader in yards, receptions, and receiving TD's. The best receiver ever and possibly the best player ever (I think so).

WR2: Randy Moss, lots of teams. He had the potential to be the best receiver of all time. He is most likely the best deep threat of all time. He has yards and touchdowns, but what I don't like is that he could have been so much better.

Slot: Steve Largent, Seattle Seahawks. He has some of the best hands in history. He never had an elite QB. He has great stats nonetheless. He would have a superbowl if he had a good team to go with him.

WR4: Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis Colts. I was having a hard time choosing between him and Lance Alworth. Marvin was one of those people who weren't flashy one bit, but were amazing. He was a great route runner, great catcher, and was amazing at getting both feet down inbounds.

TE1: Tony Gonzales, K.C. Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons. He is the best TE ever. He is a great pass catcher. He is 2nd all time in receptions ever. I watched the NE game. They were choosing to completely cover him instead of people like Roddy White and Julio Jones. He's 36 and still gowing strong.

TE2: Shannon Sharpe, Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. I would say easily the 2nd best TE ever. With shoutouts to Dikta, Mackey, Winslow, Casper, Newsome and many others, Sharpe is the best. One thing that is often overlooked with Sharpe was his speed and route running. His speed and route running looked more like a receiver.

LT: Anthony Munoz, Cinncinatti Bengals. He is an amazing tackle. I could tell you he was great at pass and run blocking, but that was obvious. I think he is the best OT ever.

LG: John Hannah, NE Patriots. He has 10 All-Pros in 14 years. He missed only 7 starts. He was excellent at blocking.

C: Jim Otto, Oakland Raiders. He is a great center. He was on the best left side of football in his career (With Gene Upshaw and Art Shell). And gosh, could they block. I'd love to see some RB's career with that kind of O-Line.

RG: Bruce Matthews, Tennessee Titans. While he could be listed at a lot of places, I like his fit here. He was the linemen of the 80's and 90's. He blocked for Earl Campbell and Warren Moon. He was very durable. He is just (like everybody else on this list) great. Nobody more versatile and good (besides maybe the player a bit later).

RT: Jonathan Ogden, Baltimore Ravens. I know Ogden was amazing at LT, he'd be even better at RT. He would be that perfect really strong mauling RT. One of the best OT's ever.

OW (Yes, Offensive Weapon): Don Hutson, Green Bay Packers. This is partly for kicks and giggles because of Jacksonville, but it also makes sense. Hutson was great at multiple things. He would be a perfect fit if this position ever became real.


LE: Reggie White, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers. Reggie is the ultimate sacker. He could get to the QB in almost any way possible. He was good at stopping the run. Not many defenders better than him. Big honorable mention to Bruce Smith here.

DT: Joe Greene, Pittsburgh Steelers. I knew I'd have to put Mean Joe Greene on. One of the 2 best DTs ever in my opinion easily.

DT: Alan Page, Minnesota Vikings. Part of a great D-Line and easily the best person on it. Too bad they were the 70's Buffalo Bills in terms of playoff success.

RE: Deacon Jones, St. Louis Rams. Inventor of the sack. He is reported to have had as many as 25 in a year. He was the best D-End ever in my opinion.

LOLB: Jack Ham, Pittsburgh Steelers. More of that 70's Steelers D. The thing that stood out is mechanics with him. He was rarely out of place and was a sure tackler. He maintained gaps. He was outstanding in pass coverage.

LILB: Dick Buktus, Chicago Bears. One of the 2 best MLB's of all time. Great tackler and fearsome hitter. I think he would easily be #1 if he played longer.

RILB: Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens. The other of the 2 best MLB's of all time. Ray is great. He could tackle and could pass rush, cover, or stuff the run. He continued his success into his later years, which is why I think he is better than Dick Buktus.

ROLB: Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants. Was it any question here? The best OLB of all time, the best LB of all time. Probably the best defensvie player of all time.

LCB: Dick Lane, Detroit Lions, Cardinals. Dick Lane was the man back then. He tackled and hit like Dick Buktus. He would be fined like Ndamukong Suh if he played in this day and age. He was a ballhawk and outstanding cover corner.

RCB: Rod Woodson, Steelers, 49ers, Ravens. Rod Woodson was also a ballhawk. He was great at coverage and was much better at tackling then most CB's.

Slot CB: Deion Sanders, many teams. Deion was one of the best cover corners ever and was an outstanding returner, but there is one reason why he is not 1 or 2. He was not a very good tackler. Other than that, he was amazing.

FS: Ed Reed, Ravens and Texans. Nobody was like Ed Reed patrolling center field. He was like nobody in his prime. Nobody could read QB's like he could.

SS: Ronnie Lott, 49ers. Ronnie Lott was also a safety like nobody. He was a combination of a powerful hitter and a good cover corner. He is the best safety of all time for now.

Special Teams

P: Ray Guy. Not much to say about him. He had a mega leg, was accurate, and did it for a while. It is debatable whether he was worth a 1st round pick (who would believe it was Oakland that did that)

K: Adam Vinatieri. A very accurate clutch kicker. Not many people could hit so many clutch kicks in a career.

KR/PR: Devin Hester, Chicago Bears. Devin Hester is so dangerous. Nobody returns like him. He is the all time leader in return TD's and he still has years left to make that record higher and higher.

There's mine. I'm sure everyone will have at least one disagreement (impossible not to). If that was my team for a season, I'd be betting a lot of money on winning the superbowl.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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