Congratulation, Ravens.

Congratulation, Ravens. You beat the Indianapolis Colts in the WildCard Round of the playoffs. The Ravens are better than we are, and Joe Flacco did better and played a better game than Andrew Luck. You deserve the win, and a chance against the old Colt QB, Peyton Manning.

It was a well fought game. We both deserved to be where we were in the playoffs and honestly our team that consisted mostly of rookies/new players failed to win at a high level. It was a very hostile environment for the Colts, who, after an overachieving season did better than anyone ever thought they could. As many other Colts fans have stated, the loss wasn't really very hard to take. We all sort of believed we were playing on borrowed time, anyways and that no matter what it was a successful season. Everyone looks at RG3, but honestly we went from 2-14, new Front office, new GM, New Coach (Thanks for him, by the way), new QB, new defense, no cap space whatsoever, and a plethora of rookies on the team who were either signed off the street or right out of college. I'm proud of my Colts, and where we are going to be next year. We have the #24th pick (better than you), the number 1 cap space in the NFL next year ($40 million+, also better than you), and a handful of players who have exceeded anyone's expectations for next year (vs a bunch of old defensive players) I honestly didn't think either team player VERY well yesterday and it was actually a pretty boring playoff game in my opinion.

Joe Flacco played well enough to win. But he played better than Luck.

Andrew Luck: 28/54 for 288 yards. No TD's. 1 Tipped INT, and 1 Fumble. 51.9% Pretty Awful.

Joe Flacco: 12/23 for 282 yds and 2 TD's. No INT's, no Fumbles. 52.2% Decent.


Ray Lewis's name was mentioned 5 million times yesterday. It's all that was talked about. And for good reason. I respect him as player and I know every defensive player looks up to him as the standard. He played longer than I thought he would and I can't say enough about him. He's class act.

Now go have fun against Peyton Manning. He's gonna tear you up.

These were the rules: (DarkBird vs me)

If Colts win AND Luck Completion %* is better than Joe Flacco’s I win and you must make fanpost on Stampede Blue saying Luck and The Colts are better than the Ravens and Flacco.
If Ravens win AND Flacco Completion %* is better than Lucks, you win and I have to make a Fanpost on Baltimore Beat down that Flacco and the Ravens are better than the Colts and Luck.
If Luck sucks (Lesser Completion %* than Flacco) and Colts WIN, I win, and you have to make fanpost saying Colts are better than Ravens (and not include Luck)
If Flacco sucks (Lesser Completion %* than Luck) and Ravens WIN, you win, and I have to make fan post saying Ravens are better than Colts (and not include Flacco)
*If Completion % SHOULD TIE, we will go by QBR

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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