J-Man Balt @ DEN DIV Round

hello Ravens Fans congrats on beating INDY

And Ray Lewis is the Best MLB Of All time Period

U Can Beat Denver But I Really like Denver's Match ups Aga Your CB'S Overall

Here How U Can Win

1 Score Early Get Out to a 7-0 14-0 Lead Denver is a slow starting team

2 Run Rice 30+ Times Play Clockball

3 Hold On in the 4th Because Denver Is The Best 2nd Haif Team in the NFL

Here why i think Denver should Win

1 Flacco on the road is up and down

2 If Denver can run any at all it will open up their throwing game

3 Denver D Has as many Stars as Your D

4 Homefield

Bottom line U Have to keep the Score in the 17-24 range Because if u have to Score 30 + Points its not likely for u to win

Denver Scouting report

QB Manning is playing at a MVP Level Only Weakness Is Sometimes he throw a early Pick 6

RB Moreno Is the starter and he is a better fit for the Manning Off Because he can be a J Addai type Ball Is their Backup now Hillman is in the Doghouse due to a Fumble 2 weeks ago And U might see Heaser in Goal line packages Mcgaree is a week away souild Denver move on

WR Thomas Is A Top 5-8 WR Vet Theat Underrated WR Decker Is A Top 10-12 WR That Can get open Easy Stokely is the underhenth guy and 3rd Down Poss WR

TE Is Getter better every week With J Dressen and V Green is getting more and more playing time every week

O Line Much Better Pass Blk Overall C And RG are the 2 weak spots but Kuper shouild be healy And M Raminez has done a great Job

DE Doom Is a great Pass Rusher and getter better against the run Ayers and Wolfe Rotate at the other END Spot Wolfe is a 2nd round find getting better every week always a good run stuffier has showed lately that he 2 can rush the passer

DT No big names but good role guys Bannan and vickendson are the starters and good run stoppers

OLB V Miller Is Deterik Thomas 2 .0 And Wesley Woodyard Is rising fast he is a pro bowl type of guy

Mlb Brooking is the Starter and is slow but D J Williams also plays here

CB Champ Bailey Denver verion of R Lewis is here plus Chris Harris who is a top num 2 CB and t Carter can make plays

FS/SS R Moore Was just OK L Y But he is playing much better and Mike Adams was a steal In F A

K M Parter Is 1 of the Best long range K In the NFL

P Coltett is good at pinning teams deep

I Say Ravens Play Strong but wear Down in the 4th I Say Denver 31-23

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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