Super Bowl Offensive MVP

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Just for fun, who do you predict to be the Ravens Offensive Super Bowl MVP?

Joe Flacco:

the Baltimore Ravens quarterback has thrown an outstanding 8 touchdowns to 0 interceptions so far this post season.

Pro: Joe throws bombs. He has a cannon for an arm and may throw the best deep ball in the league.

Con: Every now and then Joe has a clunker of a game and he hasn't had one in a while. Is he due? Also he tends to start slowly, over-throwing his receivers and lofting passes in stead of putting zip on the ball.

Torrey Smith:

The Ravens big play receiver will get his chances to break the game open down field. Let's hope he can catch up to all of Flacco's bombs.

Pro: Torrey will be the fastest man on the field at all times. There is not a defender in the league that can outrun him to the ball.

Con: The 49ers know this and will most likely keep a safety over the top of his routes all game.

Anquan Boldin:

With the deep threat, Torrey Smith, getting all the deep attention Boldin should be able to do his thing as the slot receiver.

Pro: Great hands and huge red zone threat. Boldin is big and strong and will make a defender look stupid if they put the wrong guy on him.

Con: Boldin may be big and strong but he is slow for a receiver. If the 49ers match up a speedy corner on him he could be forced to really fight for his receptions.

Ray Rice:

If Ray Lewis is the heart of the team than Ray Rice is the brain. Equally important because the entire offense starts and stops with him.

Pro: One of the best open field runners in the game. The Ravens will make every attempt to keep him involved in the game and get him the ball in different ways.

Con: The 49ers also know this and have one of the best run defenses in the league. Someone will shadow Rice on every play. The Ravens will be forced to get creative in how they get the ball to Rice.

Dennis Pitta:

As Flacco's favorite target he will get his chances to contribute. Pitta is fast becoming a stalwart in the Ravens offensive game plan

Pro: Great hands. Maybe the best on the team. Pitta has a knack for getting open and has become a viable red zone threat on every trip inside the 20.

Con: The 49ers have a duo of Pro Bowl safeties. They will most likely double team Pitta on third downs and in the red zone. He will have to fight for his catches as he is no longer a secret in the Ravens offense.

What do you think Ravens Nation? Who has the best chance of being the Ravens Offensive MVP in the Super Bowl?

We will go over the defensive stars tomorrow...

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