Cheering Guide, ATS Picks, the thoughts of a career alcoholic

hiccup...natty boh!

To recap last week you made money listening to me and you're up on the year so far.

after the first round you were - $10

The second round I said

Take the Ravens +9 that got you $100
Take the 49ers -3 that got you $100
Take the Seahawks to win, that lost you $100 (BUT I SHOULD HAVE BEEN RIGHT)
Take the Over on the Seahawks/Atlanta that got you $100
And take the Pats -9.5, that got you $100

So after two rounds you're up $290.

49ers at Atlanta (+4.5) Sunday 3:00pm

Cheering wise, it's a win-win for the Ravens. We either get Harbowl or we get to settle Matty Ice vs Joe Cool debate. But given how hot that 49ers team has been, I would rather play Atlanta.

Pick: Well the folks in Vegas want you to take Atlanta, so much so that they're making you pay a one and a half point penalty for taking the 49ers. This line should be Atlanta +3. But because Vegas needs the Falcons in this game because everybody is going to take 49ers.

So here are my thoughts I can't make the case for Atlanta at all, They've been torched by QBs that play similar style to Kapernick in Wilson and Newton. But I think I'd rather be on Vegas's side in this game and I'll take the Falcons +4.5 But I won't feel great about it.

Baltimore at New England (-9, but you only pay 5 cents on the juice) Sunday 6:30pm

Cheering, no question you're cheering for the Ravens, you're cheering for Ray Lewis to go out on the highest of high notes. You're cheering because you want validation that Joe Flacco is the QB we want him to be. You're cheering against all that is evil in New England. It's like cheering against The Yankees, Lakers, or Duke.

Pick: Well, it's obvious, 9 points it too many points to lay in a series that is also too close to call. So take the Ravens +9 and that's basically money in the bank. And go ahead and sprinkle half a unit on the Ravens money line at +320.

A little bit of a breakdown, according to my advanced Metrics Gronk not playing is huge, but everybody knows that, but to give you an idea, he's worth about 1.5 points on the spread. (To give you an idea, an average quarterback may account for 1 point or there about) rarely is a single player worth more than a point. So there's tons of hope in this game. Now if only somebody could take our Hernandez, we'd really be cooking with Old Bay.

So sit back Sunday, grab your Natty Boh. I've made you $290 in the play offs. Most of it while I was incredibly intoxicated. Let's Go Ravens!

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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