Orioles All Star Showing Purple Passion


Baltimore Orioles All Star Center Fielder has been a mainstay on the sidelines throughout the playoffs for the Baltimore Ravens.

When Torrey Smith ran out of the tunnel on Saturday in the divisional round of the playoffs in Denver he was greeted by a familiar face that surely made him feel right at home. It was Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones who first greeted Smith as he entered the field to do battle against All Pro corner Champ Bailey and the "vaunted" Denver defense. Jones presence was felt by the Ravens as he cheered the team on and made his best attempt to pump them up for the huge playoff game. Smith even Tweeted that Jones was the first face he saw when running out of the tunnel

Link here: http://baltimoresportsreport.com/adam-jones-ravens-patriots-36580.html

The All Star, Gold Glove center fielder that lead the Orioles to their best season in over a decade made it a point to be on the sidelines for Ray Lewis' last game at M&T Bank Stadium against the Indianapolis Colts as well. The Ravens went on to beat the Colts handily after a slow start. Then, again in Denver the Ravens, against all odds, went on to beat the heavily favored Broncos with Jones bundled up on the sidelines throughout the entire frigid game again.

With the Ravens playing so well having Jones on their sidelines it would only make sense for him to travel to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Massachusetts to keep the teams winning streak going with their good luck charm on the sidelines and according to Jones, he will.

The Ravens and Orioles have made it a point to try and be positive influences on each other ever since the slight blunder on the part of one of the Ravens PR personnel who, at some point last season, posted a picture of a packed M&T Bank Stadium during an empty seated Orioles game and stated "wouldn't you rather be here right now". the statement was not meant to disrespect the Orioles franchise as the representative later explained, they were only trying to support the Ravens organization and meant no harm by it. Never-the-less Orioles fans and some within the organization took it badly and an official apology needed to be made.

However that is old news as the two teams have been working together of late to promote each other. The Ravens even featured an Orioles related clip on their mega-screen at M&T Bank earlier this season while the O's were in the midst of their playoff run. the clip drew a great applause from the crowd and things seem to be running very smoothly between the two organizations now.

With Jones a mainstay on the sidelines for the Ravens playoff run maybe some of that Championship magic will spark between the two clubs and they will grow together in their winning ways. The Orioles surprised everyone last season with their playoff berth and it would be great for the Baltimore sports scene for both teams to be successful at the same time. well, we got a taste this year and hopefully there will be more to come.

So look for Adam Jones on the sidelines this Sunday as he helps Baltimore root on their beloved Ravens all the way to the Super Bowl. There is something special brewing here, I can feel it.

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