NFL Picks & Pans: Week 1

We're going to go through the schedule each week and pick the winners of each games, starting on Thursday night, since there will be football on this night starting in week 2 this season. We missed this past Wednesday's game, which is no big deal, especially since I had the New York Giants beating the Dallas Cowboys. Hope it's not a sign of things to come. Let's get right to it and I'll make my pick on the Baltimore Ravens - Cincinnati Bengals game on Monday.

Saints over Redskins: Even with all the off-season issues New Orleans has faced, they still have the coach on the field in QB Drew Brees and he is also my fantasy football team QB, so Washington has no chance, even though it will be exciting to see what Skins QB Robert Griffin III can do at the pro level.

Bills over Jets: Doesn't matter to me that the game is in New York (New Jersey, actually), as I like what Buffalo has done to shore up their defense and it still seems like the Jets are as much a mess now as they were at the end of last year.

Patriots over Titans: I so wanted to pick Tennessee to upset New England but when you Iook at the quarterbacks, how can anyone take Jake Locker over Tom Brady?

(More "Picks & Pans" on this weekend's NFL games after the 'Jump')

Bears over Colts: We'll see how healthy Jay Cutler and Chicago is and how does Indianapolis rookie QB Andrew Luck do against a real NFL defense.

Chiefs over Falcons: Matt Ryan hasn't given me enough of a reason to think they can win a tough road game and Atlanta is going into one of the tougher places to win at Kansas City, who could be one of the sleeper teams in the league this year.

Eagles over Browns: Oh please, give me one reason why Philadelphia shouldn't go on the road and win this game, as Cleveland might be the worst team in the league. Yes, even worse than the St. Louis Rams.

Lions over Rams: Speaking of those Rams, they get to go on the road themselves to face Detroit, perhaps one of the best offenses and certainly the best wide receiver in the game. Lucky St. Louis!

Vikings over Jaguars: This was a tough one, as both teams have the ability to find a way to lose this game, and the only reason I'm picking Minnesota over Jacksonville is because they are the home team.

Texans over Dolphins: Houston is looking like a younger replica of the Ravens and are a very solid team on both sides of the ball, while Miami, uh, not.

Seahawks over Cardinals: Word is that Arizona starting QB John Skelton is better than he is being given credit for and he does still have WR Larry Fitzgerald, but I have a feeling that Seattle QB Russell Wilson is also a lot better than people think and I like their defense better too.

Packers over 49ers: Easily the best match-up of the opening weekend, with the classic great offense against the classic great defense. They say defense win championships, but in the new NFL, offense will rule in this game.

Buccaneers over Panthers: Might not seem like too much of one, but this counts as my "Upset Special Pick of the Week." I think Tampa Bay will win at home will shock the majority that see Carolina QB Cam Newton as a bit of a Superman, but there was a reason they weren't a playoff team last year.

Broncos over Steelers (Sunday Night Football): I love Denver to win this game not only because it means Pittsburgh loses, but also if the Broncos could upset the Steelers in the playoffs with Tim Tebow, then a healthy Peyton Manning should be able to pick apart and depleted defense.

Chargers over Raiders (Monday Night Football): Oakland usually plays tough within their own division but with all new starters in their secondary, I can't see San Diego's Phil Rivers not schooling them all night long.

What do you think of these picks?

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