Bryant McKinnie Drama Play-by-Play

So roughly at 8:45 AM EST this tweet set the Ravens world into a bit of a frenzy:

Decision is made! I'm gone! - Bryant Mckinnie 8:47AM

Needless to say we were all a little worried to see our team's starting LT tweeting he was leaving the team 6 days before our first game.

Aaron Wilson provided a bit more insight into the situation:

The Ravens are attempting to restructure tackle Bryant McKinnie's contract, per a league source, situation could lead to his release. - Aaron Wilson 9:16AM

Bryant McKinnie in a text to me when asked if he's off the team: "Yes." - Aaron WIlson 9:26AM

However, no sooner than did everyone suddenly become frantic and started making projection on what the "new" Ravens O-line would look like this came accross the wire from Aaron Wilson, who was in text message contract with Mckinnie, continues to fill us in:

Updated with McKinnie text saying it's not over yet: McKinnie in contract squabble, could lead to his release - Aaron Wilson 10:01AM

Shortly after Mckinnie tweeted out:

Still tryin 2 work things out, so its not official as of yet. - Bryant Mckinnie 11:51AM

The resolution after the jump.

After a bit more time Mckinnie took to twitter again to explain his doomsday tweet and help resolve the issue:

This morning got a phone call sayin I'm gone, & just now ended up signing 2 remain a Raven. - Braynt Mckinnie 12:42PM

Aaron Wilson further clears things up around the same time with the details of what the Ravens and Mckinnie did when all was said and done:

No additional years for Bryant McKInnie in restructure of his $3.2 milion deal, free agent in 2013. - Aaron Wilson 12:29AM

Bryant McKinnie in text to me regarding restructure if he can make $3.2 million plus: "Yes, I can still make it with incentives." - Aaron Wilson 12:33PM

So when its all resolved it can be summed up pretty easily, the Ravens asked Mckinnie to take a pay cut (reportedly around a 50% cut) and his agent said no so the team said the tried and true "take it our you're out of a job" line. Bryant took to Twitter to stir up some drama and then the Ravens called him to work on the deal more because it would have been a bad situation for everyone involved to cut him 6 days before the season starts.

Ultimately Mckinnie's base salary is reduced to something less than the $3.2 million he was scheduled to make, but he still has the potential to make it all back through incentives if he plays up tot he level that the Ravens want from him.

So crisis averted, all is right in the world, and in the words of the man who started this excitement with his first tweet:

Now let's turn our attention 2 The Bengals! #RavenNation - Bryant Mckinnie 12:44PM

And how, can't wait for the season to start so we can stop jumping at every little tweet and see some real football!

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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