Inactives anaylsis

One of the (many) interesting things to me about football is the inactives list the Ravens have week to week. If a player doesn't dress for games, what is there purpose on the roster? The Ravens have placed the same 7 players on the inactives list the first 3 weeks with the exception of replacing Paul Kruger (injured) with Sergio Kindle in week 2. That's a sign of how healthy the Ravens have been this season, and overall a really good thing. My thoughts on the seven players, including Kindle, below the jump.

Billy Bajema - He's a journeyman player in his 8th year, a blocking TE, and the clear backup for Dickson and Pitta. The interesting thing about Bajema sitting on the bench is it means the Ravens can't play 3 TE sets. This is because the Ravens prefer to play extra offensive lineman (Bryant McKinnie) in their jumbo packages.

Bryan Hall - The Ravens have suited up 5 of their 7 defensive lineman each week, which seems risky to me as defenses typically want to rotate DL to keep them rested. Bryan hall was an undrafted rookie who spent last year on the practice squad. He isn't going to beat "The Big Five" of Cody, Kemo, Ngata, Jones, and McPhee for playing time.

Asa Jackson - I like this guy a lot (5th round draft pick) but he is still raw and also, I think, a victim of Deonte Thompson. If Thompson had not made the team, Jackson would probably be more attractive due to his return ability. However, without that, he's just a small guy that won't be playing defense (for now). The Ravens are carrying 6 corners on the roster and all 5 of the others have more experience than Jackson.

Sergio Kindle - Ugh. Frankly, Kindle should be suiting up to play. His best attribute is supposed to be as a pass rusher, and yet the Ravens still barely play him despite not being able to generate a pass rush. The Ravens only have 4 OLB on the roster (also Upshaw, McClellan, and Kruger), and keeping him off means that they only carry 3 on game day. If he doesn't show something soon, he's a prime candidate to get cut to make room for Terrell Suggs.

Jah Reid - Injury victim, in more ways than one. It's taken time for him to rehab his injury, and due to that injury, the Ravens have A) signed Bobby Williams, B) Kept and Started Ramon Harewood. Let's face it, even if he wasn't injured at this point he would still be inactive. He would not beat out McKinnie, Williams, or Gradkowski for backup T, G, or C. I really like Reid as a player, and this injury is frustrating because it has effectively squeezed him out of a role on this team.

DeAngelo Tyson - 7th round pick that faces the same problem Bryan Hall has. He's less likely than Hall to get playing time because the Ravens list him as a DE like McPhee and Jones, and not as a DT (where they typically play 2 on the field) He doesn't having the pass rushing skill of McPhee and Jones.

LaQuan Williams - Deonte Thompson victim number 2, and this time as a WR. I thought he was a pretty good special teamer, so this is surprising. He's also managed to get leapfrogged by Tandon Doss, who was normally sitting on the bench. The Ravens were really high on the UDFA last year, and I'm curious if that changed. Hopefully it's just because they like Doss' improvement and Thompson's speed and return ability.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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