Ravens Vs Eagles:Ten Things I Saw on Tape

Hello Ravens Fans/Other fans. Recently I discovered this piece called "Ten Things I Saw On Tape" in the forum section of and figured why not share what the guy saw using game rewind from

1. The Eagles Defense played tight man coverage about 90% of the game and often bracketed the slot or tight end.

2. Very rarely did any of our receivers gain significant separation and on the occasion they did the pocket was breaking down (Throw to Pitta on a corner route in the end zone and ten yard out to Boldin on final drive). If Flacco was protected well on the Pitta throw it would have been an easy TD.

3. Cam called a couple of passes out of bunch formations in the first half. They weren't very successful but it was encouraging to see.

4. Torrey received a lot of attention from DRC and Coleman. DRC played a bail coverage most of the day on Torrey where he lined up like he was playing press and on the snap would turn and run. I would have liked to have seen Cam try to take advantage of that with a screen or slant. I also believe the coverage he was given would have been great to have tried some back shoulder throws that we have seen Joe make recently.

5. On the interception, Joe had Q open for a second on a quick choice route where Boldin ran in and then whipped out. Had Flacco hit him right as he turned outside he may have gotten the first down, however I think he saw the LB inside and moved on to Pitta in the progression. He ended up throwing the ball right into the hands of the LB who deterred him from going to Boldin.

6. Ramon Harewood had a "Welcome to the NFL" type game. He was beaten quickly on the 'would be' TD pass to Pitta and was pushed back on numerous run plays. I wouldn't worry too much though, considering it was his first road start and against a very talented Philly D line.

7. Our Defense played man the inverse percentage that Eagles did. Zone coverage is useful against mobile QBs and the defense was close on numerous plays. Ray Lewis did not have a great game in coverage and many of the longer passes in the middle of the field were due to Ray not getting enough depth in his drops. I suspect he was staying closer to the LOS to prevent scrambling, as this was mentioned by Harbaugh in one of the press conferences.

8. Jimmy Smith and Cary Williams continue to struggle, especially in off man coverage. The Eagles have some fast receivers but with the depth that Ed Reed was playing (25 yards off the ball on most plays), I think they gave D Jax and Maclin a little too much respect. Many comeback routes were completed on the pair and Jimmy Smith even got turned around on one by #13 (who!?).

9. The Eagles did a good job of moving the pocket with Vick on a couple of third down plays where we had blitzes dialed up. The blitzes were rendered useless in this case and Vick easily picked on the soft man coverage. To add.. The Maclin TD was an obvious error by Ed Reed as the defense was set in a 2 Shell and Ed quickly left his zone as soon as Vick left the pocket.

10. McClellan played good. Set the edge well, had a near INT and tackled well. Webb was the Webb we see every game and he was probably one of the most underrated players in the league.

The book is out on how to beat this team... but luckily, few teams have the personnel to execute the way the Eagles did. I would expect Sunday Night's performance to be a lot different in both facets of the game. We are a good to great team... we just need to find our rhythm, execute, and dictate to the other team on both sides of the ball.

For more info and also to see what other inciteful things that were said by other Ravens fans then please click here

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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