A Shoutout to Raven Nation From an Unabashed Bleeder of Black & Gold

The antagonistic nature and brassy embrace of an internet persona likened to Roddy Piper 412 bares his Black & Gold soul to pay homage to a team they respect more than any of the other 30 in the current NFL.


I have driven some of you to distraction by rubbing noses in shit and stirring the proverbial pot during the season many of us hold closer than religion. Caustic manic constant snarky observation which tore at the fabrics of your loved team. Malor knows more than others how much of a giant dick I can be by cracking wise and many times taking the joke too far. Well I say this to Yinz, at the end of the day it is all as vacant as most ethernet interactions and ramblings. And in absolute truth I say without cringe nor sarcasm, if not us, than it must be Yinz.

Baltimore deserves a title to represent; your team The Ravens fight so hard, and make you f*ckers proud, as proud as we in The 412 and beyond. Our sides will never see eye to eye, it is as legendary a butting of heads that makes Hattfield & McCoy bloodshed more resemble an insignificant playground squirmish.

The base of our respective fanbases have indeed shed blood at unfortunate times on enemy turf. Hooliganism is rampant within these circles, and a mix of short tempers and massive alcohol intake led to violent acts. This is true of human nature and brutish sociology, these things become products.

I do expect a rubbing of nose into shit when Yinz do finally get over the hump and bring the hardware back to the 410. I deserve it, and I will embrace that shit, and I will f*cking certain tip my hat in response.

Raven Nation is Mighty, You Fuckers Came Out of Nothing. Yinz won a Championship, had a brief slump, but found the missing piece, the most important piece for contention, the Franchise Quarterback. I am honestly shamed that Flacco was given the short shit stick at Pitt and he probably holds a grudge in regards to the City I love deeply, and he had to make his hay elsewhere. But that could be the deciding factor of why he ended up in Black & Purple.

I salut the ballers on your roster, Suggs, Ngata, Reed, Rice, Lewis. I haven't gained respect for John Harbaugh, I just don't see it, I am looking in from the outside, I am not part of the day-to-day, but he is young and he is fiery and he is obviously driven. As much as we in Steeler Nation talked shit on the 'Gatorade Baths' he was deserving of a celebration, he and his coaching staff, and his men in uniform set out to annihilate a squad who was looked at as a significant roadblock in the direct path to your success, and they executed to perfection. That day will live in gold for Ravens fans everywhere; as it should for all of Yinz.

I also expect to be called, in so many words, something which perhaps rhymes with 'Romo' for the nanny-boy baring of my stupid pacifist soul, but I just wanted to put it out there, the respect, plain and simple. I'm also sure I will continue to talk shit down the road, but I refuse to troll. I can justify talking shit in my house, but I have tried to maintain a level of respect for your house.

If Not Us, Then Yinz.

Tical & Go Steelers.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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