Free Agent Players That Could Be Of a Interest For The Ravens

Hello Raven fans/other fans. The ravens are currently running there non mandatory ota practices and I wanted to provide a list of free agents players that could/should be of a Interest for the Ravens.

Oshiomogho Atogwe FS: Atogwe was once known as one of the best free safeties in the league and he had somewhat of a down year as a Washington Redskin (battling injuries also adjusting to a new defensive scheme). Ed Reed is still one of the best free safeties in the league but it may be wise to add more depth behind him which is something Atogwe could bring. Rookie free safety Christian Thompson may be enough but as of right now that isnt clear

Jim Leonard SS: He was once a ravens before in 2008 and a lot of ravens fans liked him. He would add solid depth at the strong safety position and he also can be used on punt returns as well.

Anthony Gonzalez WR: The ravens don’t necessarily need to sign another wide out but Gonzalez could be a wide out that could just add more competition to keep the younger guys motivated which is beneficial at times also he can be used on kick/ punt returns

Kris Wilson TE: Wilson wasn’t used much in the raven’s offense at least in the passing game but he was serviceable as blocking tight end and he also could play fullback.

Matt Roth Olb/DE: Matt Roth name was mention before last year and some thought for sure he would be signed to the Ravens before he signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Matt Roth once again is a free agent and he may not add much as a pass rusher but it’s no telling what the ravens could do with him. Roth probably would be similar to Jarrett Johnson but just younger

Andre Carter OlB/DE: Carter had 10 sacks last year for the New England patriots but his season was cut short because of a injury. There hasn’t been much news about Andre Carter progress from his injury but if he was signed by the ravens then he most likely would see playing time as defensive end during their 4-3 sets only

Antwan Odom DE: He didn’t play last year but before that he was known to be a very good pass rusher. I’m not sure if he could play outside linebacker (played as a defensive end most of his career) and he may be similar to Andre Carter.

Visanthe Shincoe Te: if the Ravens want a tight end that could add to the passing game then Vistanthe Shincoe seems like a good candidate. He had 36 receptions for 409 receiving yards and he’s only 31 years old also he isn’t known for being a good blocker

Jeremy Shockley Te: Shockley would be a good back up tight end for The Ravens . Hes a solid blocker also is a solid pass catching tight end and he only 31 years old. If the ravens want to add not only blocking tightend but a reliable pass catching tight end then Jeremy Shockley seems like the right player for the job. He plays with a smash mouth attitude which is absolutely a play like a Raven motto.

Marcus McNeil LT: McNeil was once known to be one of the best left tackles in the league but was released by the chargers because of a neck injury. If Marcus McNeil is healthy enough to play football again then he could be a solid back up left tackle for The Ravens or more/

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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