Position Battles

With this draft adding much depth, I feel it has also brought out some pretty intriguing position battles.

1st Void- Ben Grubbs

Options: Jah Reid, Kelehci Osmele, Gino Gradkowski.

Outcome: Kelechi Osmele will come out as the starter. He is extremely strong and powerful. Will help bolster the run game. Only knocked is he needs some coaching.

2nd Void- Lee Evans

Options: Tommy Streeter, Tandon Doss, LaQuan Williams.

Outcome: This is a complete toss up. I honestly think Streeter will beet these two out, just because he seems to be learning well, and his god given gifts. How ever it is truly to soon to call

3rd Void- Jarret Johnson

Options: Paul Kruger, Sergio Kindle, Courtney Upshaw

Outcome: Courtney Upshaw will become a first year starter. A nice compliment to Sizzle. Can Set the edge, non stop motor and great pass rush will help him beat out Kruger and Kindle.

4th Void-Cory Redding

Options: Pernell McPhee, Arthur Jones, Sergio Kindle

Outcome: Pernell McPhee will take this easily in my opinion. He had 6 sacks in very limited snaps. I have Sergio Kindle on the list here, because I feel coaches will try him anywhere to see where he works.

1st Position Battle- Tackles

Options: Jah Reid, Micheal Oher, Bryant McKinnie

Outcome: McKinnie will shore up the left side again, if he keeps his weight under control. I had heard positive things from Reid about his offseason work, so I feel he will give Oher a run for his money, however Oher having a single position to work out on the whole offseason gives him the edge.

2nd Position Battle- Corner Back

Options:Jimmy Smith, Cary Williams, Asa Jackson

Outcome: I feel Jimmy will win this battle. Kid was a little confused in the couple of games he played last year. He however did produce 2 interceptions in limited plays. Cary Will work well as the third, and Asa will just develop under our great secondary.

3rd Position Battle- Kick/Punt Returner

Options: Asa Jackson, Bobby Rainey, Dorian Graham, Deonte Thompson

Outcome: It will be Asa Jackson vs. Deonte Thompson. Deonte is one of the fastest guys in the draft. However straight line speed doesn't always translate into a great returner, but it helps. In the end I think it ends up being a split. Asa as the punt returner, because it seems he can make people miss in small windows, and Deonte in kick return, because he'll be able to get outside with that speed

Thanks for reading, comment what you think, and if there's some others

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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