Bored 4 round Mock Draft.

I'm sitting at work bored so thought hey why not make a mock draft? I have made two different scenarios, so tell me which one you like best, if any.

Option 1- no trades

Round 1- Stephen Hill WR

Pick that has been of serious debate, but for me I take him in a heartbeat. People say he has no production, but when your offense only throws it 19% of the time and you are able to get 800+ yards at 30 YPC that is not too shabby. He does need some work, but has shown potential in both route running and he has natural hands, so with more reps the kid will be a stud.

Round 2- Bobby Wagner/Mychael Kendricks MLB

Tough for me to decide out of these two, but I love both their games. Wagner I feel will drop because he was unable to workout at the combine and pro day because of pneumonia, but really underated player. After Kuechly he is the most productive LB in this draft. since his sophomore year he has had at least 114 tackles every season and with his athleticism and explosion he is being looked at as an OLB as well. Also a great coverage guy. Had a great senior bowl and was dissappointed he didn't get to perform at the combine. Kendricks is similar. Impressive athlete with some explosion as well as production being he was the pac 12 defensive player of the year. Really flies downhill after the ball carrier. Knock on him is he's only 5'10, but has impressive athleticism and leaping ability to make up for it. If he's a couple inches taller he probably goes first round.

Round 3- Senio Kelemete G

Bit of a raw prospect, but tremendous upside. Former LT in college, but due to his size and not having the feet for the positions looks to be an imposing G. Strong lower half and shows potential as a dominant run blocker that can create some big movement up front. Good athlete which will help with the pass blocking and blocking in space, but needs to work on his technique a bit.

Round 4 comp pick- Brandon Taylor FS

A guy who I think gets overlooked when he's played with guys like Claiborne, Mathieu and Peterson at LSU, but a guy I think has some potential. Has good range and instincts at the position and played a key role in arguably the best secondary in the nation. Not a speedster, but decent speed. Needs to work on tackling and probably needs to add a few pounds, but a guy I think could potentially become a starter down the road based on his smarts and instincts.

Option 2 with trades.

Trade our 29th and 93rd overall pick to the Eagles for their 46th and 51st overall picks

Round 2- Ronnell Lewis OLB/MLB

Fantastic athlete with some great strength as well. One of the hardest hitters in this draft as well as one of the better pound for pound athletes. Most projecting him as an OLB because of his explosion, but I feel he could play some MLB as well given his athleticism and strength combo. He's like a heat seeking missle on the field as he explodes into ball carriers. Special teams ace in college and doesn't have as much playing time as you would have liked to see, but the potential is there.

Round 2- Amini Silatolu G

Rising up boards fast as he could very well end up being the most dominated run blocker in this draft. Former LT that will transition to G. Needs work on pass blocking, but is a natural bender who needs to work on his feet a bit. Drawing a lot of comparisons to Mike Lupati of the 49ers. Plays really mean and similar player to Kelemete who I mentioned, but better run blocker and more refined.

Round 2- Tommy Streeter WR.

WR with some size and potential, but feel needs some work. He had an impressive combine and does a good job of making plays downfield and going up and getting the ball. Not a natural pass catcher, so will need to work on that and you would have liked to see a little more production given his physical traits. Would have benefitted from another year of school, but he does have a lot of potential, so I think he's worth the pick. Really wanted to go with Mcnutt who I think is very underrated, but think he will get overlooked and I think Streeter's upside is a little higher.

Round 4 comp pick- Phillip Blake/ Michael Brewster C

I think one of these guys will drop due to C not being of high value. Blake has done a great job improving his stock. played great against high draft pick Ta'amu late in the year then had a strong senior bowl and moved well at the combine. Downside is he's older at 2 and comes into the league at 27 and that will drop him. Brewster was once talked about as the top C in the draft, but not the best athlete or very strong so that has dropped his stock. He is a very intelligent player though who doesn't do anything great, but doesn't do it bad either. Would benefit in our zone blocking scheme due to lack of strength.

Well that was it. Let me know what you guys think.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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