After week one and all of the changes that our team has undergone, I was not as optimistic as most. The Steelers were basically the same team that represented the AFC in the Super bowl last year. I was extremely nervous about our offensive line and the secondary and what my eyes came to behold literally stunned me. Most of you would agree this was the best consecutive 60 minutes the ravens have ever played.

I literally had no expectations going into Steelers week honestly, I expected a close game but I was anticipating a raven’s defeat. I just felt that all the changes would prove to cost mistakes.

 After the complete domination of the Steelers, the near perfect play of the offense and defense, I thought that week two was all but a sure thing. I thought that Cam had finally gotten his shit together, and all the talk of our secondary had been proven premature the week before.  As long as the ravens bottled up Chris Johnson and played tight coverage on Kenny Britt, it would be our game to take home.

My high expectations, I now consider high aspirations I was not one to take the Titans lightly but I really felt like we could come out with a win. Under Harbaugh history has been on our side when it comes to less talented teams. Unfortunately, our defense was unable to cover titan receivers and allowed Hasselbeck to find holes in the secondary.  Tennessee took away the underneath routes, and dared us to go deep. Since we failed to do so our offense was unable to move. It was just an overall bad day for the ravens.

I will say however that the injuries the ravens have sustained put a burden on everyone else. Ben Grubbs in my opinion is the most underrated player on the offensive line  and we surely missed him in his first missed game in his career. An unhealthy Evans also did not help in keeping Tennessee guessing and taking the top off of the defense. The biggest problem being the ravens thin cornerbacks corps. (I feel like we all know our team well so ill avoids a secondary analysisJ)

On the other hand I would not be angry at all if we sat any of our players with injury concerns as a precaution. If giving the veterans extra time to rest and heal will give us a better chance at a division title later in the year, then I’m all for it especially against a non-conference opponent. This will give the young guys the opportunity to prove themselves. Which WR will step up in place for Evans, how will McPhee and jones step in for Redding etc Especially with Smith more than a couple weeks away from a return, we need a healthy Carr and I am not willing to risk hurting him again.  This will not be the case and our best players will play. I have all the faith in the world in Harbaugh; he is a smart coach and will do what is right for our players and our team.

 I just find it eerily similar to last season, hard fought win over the jets, only to falter against the Bengals. From that point on Flacco was second in QB rating for the rest of the season. So as a fan should I expect the same or take everything with a grain of salt. I will say I have a good feeling, I think our boys are going to play their hearts out. They were still swept up in the Pittsburgh game, that’s understandable given our history with them, but they have something to prove now.

Let’s go out there today and show the rams and the world that the ravens are for real!

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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