The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

Ray Rice *still* in mid-season form.  Evans, Boldin; Ricky running with authority.  McPhee, even though against 2's and 3's, he is a beast.  Leech, wow, that guy is just a load and half.  Anthony Allen looked solid (needs to work on those mitts, though).  I think Parmalee's days are now numbered as a Raven.

Doss.  Does he get credit for a save for his pre-game adventures?  Right now, he is the number three receiver on the team.  He catches everything thrown in his zip code...

Slants.  Keep 'em coming, Cam!  And let us face it, the drop by Allen- that normally would have been Rice or Ricky, and either one of them would have caught that easily.

Tyrod taylor.  Yes, risky having a rookie as your backup, especially on a legitimate SuperBowl contender.  But I like what I have seen so far.  Ball seems to sail on him a bit, but he is putting together a nice preseason campaign.

The Bad

Just the overall inconsistency and lackadaisical effort by our 1's, on both sides of the ball against the Redskins' 1's during the first half.  DC is going to be sniffing around 8 - 8, maybe 9 -7 if they are lucky; but could very easily lose nine or ten games also.  We should have been more crisp coming out of the gate, especially on defense, going up against that team (they ain't all that).  Tim Hightower???  John Beck????? C'mon...

Our other rookies not mentioned above: Torrey, Jimmy Smith and Chylkie Brown.  Torrey had two drops, and on the second one you could see Joe's face just compute the fact that he cannot trust Smith at this time.  Smith is fighting LaQuan for the 5th receiver spot.   No way Smith gets cut, but he could very easily go into week one as the #6 guy behind Boldin, Evans, Doss, Reed and LaQuan.  Chylkie Brown did not look good.  He struck me as taxi squad material at best last night.

The other Smith.  While I give him props for noticeably improving his technique- much better footwork, got the head swivel thing timed right, he still has a lot to learn and looked like a rookie at times, especially when he lets Moss go blowing by him for a touchdown.  He is a rookie.  He has all the tools to be a really special corner, but he is not there yet and has a ways to go.  I think by the end of the year he will be starting, if he doesn't hit the rookie wall.  But definitely not starting week 1 and definitely not against P-burgh.

Foxworth- he is not the same Foxworth that ended the '09 season (who was a stud then).  Not sure if it is the lingering injury, age, him not being all that good, or some combination of all three.  Him and Webb are fighting for the #4 CB spot in my opinion.  Webb is good on punt returns, good on blitzing, but that seems to be the sum total of his game right now.  Not sure what happened to rest with him...

And Oher.  Almost made "Ugly" on the "whiff" sack allowed, but I was merciful.  Right now, Pittsburgh will make him their punk-boy on the left.  Ravens have two short weeks to get Oher coached up or McKinnie in game shape.  Last night's Oher will get Joe killed like a wildebeest on the African Savana against the squeelers.

The O-line in general.  While they did great against the Chefs, the deadskins and iggles made them look pedestrian, and slow pedestrians at that -like little old ladies trying to cross the road pedestrian...  Maybe it is an NFC East thing this year with them...  Even if Oher makes miraculous improvement and/or McKinnie has a magical weight transformation, still very much a work in progress, and I do not mean that in a good way.


The Ugly

This one is easy.  The pick-6.  From Joe staring down his receiver, to Joe's feeble tackling attempt -what was that?  It looked like me when I used to empty the diaper pail and take the bag of dirty diapers out to the trash...  Joe, need some work on the tackling sled...  Just about as ugly a play as there is. But let us also give credit to Hall who is a damn fine corner.



Preseason makes offenses look like a 19 year old blond with ADD at a fraternity party chugging Red Bull -all over the map.  I get that; and even though the offense arguably took a step back, it is still preseason and honestly, typically, it is not until week 3 or 4 that most NFL offenses start clicking.  I suspect it will be even longer this year for most due to the lockout.

So I do not feel bad about last night's performance, overall, just do not feel that good about it.  Kind of like a one night stand where you sober up in the morning and realize she is fugly...  You got some trim, but yick...

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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