Saturday's "Cup of Joe"

Well it's time for today's fresh-hot "Cup of Joe"! I hope everyone has a great Saturday, and try to enjoy this nice summer weather. I won't be here to comment on today's installment as I have a huge to-do list today, but I hope you all have fun!

Kruger’s Wants ‘More Of A Starting Role’

If defensive end Paul Kruger isn’t in the Ravens’ starting lineup in 2011, he definitely expects to see a significant amount of more playing time. "I feel like this year coming up, I should have more of a starting role, and if not, something real serious, playing at least 50 percent of the plays if not more," Kruger said.

Breaking down safeties: Baltimore - AFC North Blog - ESPN

Matt Williamson thinks the Ravens have one of the best backfields in the league. I agree with much of his article, but he did say he thought Ed Reed was the "2nd best safety in the NFL" which I disagree with. In my opinion he is the #1 with Troy as a close 2nd. But alas, unfortunately everyone can't be a Ravens fan.

Haloti Ngata slims down to 325 | ProFootballTalk

There's been lots of talk that when the lockout is over and training camps start, players will show up overweight and out of shape, thanks to a lack of team-organized conditioning work. But one of the heaviest players in the league is planning to report to camp looking slimmer than he has in years. It's good to see players working hard in the off-season despite the lock-out.

U2 fans bring business to bars | Baltimore Business Journal

By the time Bono and company hit the stage this evening, approximately 80,000 people will have descended upon the home of the Baltimore Ravens. And in the same way that Ravens games alter the landscape of downtown Baltimore, the event is boosting area restaurant sales and hotel occupancy.

Rice Should Avoid 300 Carries

John Clayton thinks Ray Rice will enjoy longevity with less carries and more receptions. "Even though it’s an offense that has consistently been getting 30 carries a game since Joe Flacco got there, I think it’s going to start to drop back and let Flacco throw the ball a little more," said Clayton. "That may take the number of rushes down into the high 20s. If that’s the case, saving Ray and spacing out some of the carries and making him more of the 16-, 17-carry guy probably serves him better.

Tweets Of The Week: Mason: Joe Is Our Michael Jordan
"By the way, to all u selective hearing ppl! I said Joe was our mj! I didn’t say he was mj! There’s a big diff!" "He’s just as important!! And I’ll stand by what I said! So In the words of the Fonze "u can sit on it".lol Happy days for u 80babies" "But like mj did, Joe will lead the ravens to a super bowl!!! So yea again he is our mj!! Our magic Johnson our isiah Thomas our dwade!" So the Flacc-opera continues....

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