My Ravens Free Agency Predictions



Hello Baltimore Ravens Fans/ others. The lockout has not been lifted yet but I wanted to construct a list on who I think the Ravens will target in the free agency market.



Re-sign List:

Cornerback Chris Carr/Josh Wilson- this one is very tricky because both players are really good and could help the team but I don't think both will be re-signed. I think who ever will be cheaper will be one that will come back.

Tackle/Guard Marshal Yanda- this is obvious

Tackle Jared Gaither- yes I believe this man will be bought back and some may not think so but I have a good feeling he will be back.


Sign list:


Undrafted free agent outside linebacker/inside linebacker Mark Herzlich- Herzlich  is a solid tackler, very instinctive, good in coverage, can rush the passer, and  was leader for his team in college. Mark Herzlich would benefit much from being mentor by Ray Lewis and it was said that Ray Lewis is one of the linebackers in the NFL he looks up to. Imagine Mark Herzlich and Ray Lewis just dominating together on the field like two lions feasting on a deer.


Safety Darren Sharper- I know some Ravens fans may not agree with this (cause of his age) but I think the Ravens may give Darren Sharper a shot if they feel like they need a experienced veteran strong safety .Darren Sharper may be 35 years old but this is the same guy that had 91 tackles and 9 interceptions in 2009.


Undrafted free agent Center Kris O'Dowd- Kris o' Dowd was considered to be one of the best centers in 2011 draft but he was probably not drafted because of durability concerns. The Ravens aren't in a serious need for a center but it would be wise to bring in a center to be mentored by Matt Birk.

Outside linebacker Manny Lawson- Lawson was a first round pick by the 49ers but hasn’t lived up to the potentials the team expected from him. He has a good burst off the line, good in coverage, and is a solid tackler. Manny Lawson has shown some potential to be an effective pass rusher before and his best season was in 2009 when he had 68 tackles, 6.5 sack, 3 force fumble, and two pass deflection.  Lawson may just need new scenery and what better scenery there could be with a winning team/Ray Lewis in your ear pumping you up with motivation.



Undrafted free agent free safety/strong safety   Deunta Williams- Williams was considers one of the top best safeties in this year draft but for some reason he was not drafted. Deunta Williams has history with our current defensive coordinator chuck pagano and is a solid tackler, very good in coverage, instinctive, and good against the run game.


Undrafted free agent Fullback Patrick Dimarco - The Ravens do have fullback Justin McKee but it has been said that The Ravens are still looking for a fullback. Patrick Dimarco could fit everything  the Ravens are looking for and more; He is a solid blocker, can catch the ball, versatile enough to come in as a tight end, can run with the ball in his hand,  and aggressive.


Undrafted free agent inside linebacker Mario Harvey- If the Ravens don't decide to sign Mark Herzlich then I can see them for sure going after Harvey. In college Mario Harvey had 142 tackles, 161/2 tackles for lost, 2 force fumbles, and at his pro day ran a 4.4 on the 40. Harvey could turn out to be an outside linebacker but some may disagree because of his size but you could say the same thing about him playing as an inside linebacker.


Undrafted free agent Deandre Brown- I know some fans may disagree with this because we already have much depth at the wideout position but you can't deny the talent that Deandre Brown has. I see Deandre Brown being a developmental player that can go on the practice squad and maybe in the future turn out to be a solid investment by The Ravens. DeAndre Brown has good hand, physical, ability to be a red zone target/ deep threat, and is tough to bring down after the catch.


Just a Joke Sign List:

Outside linebacker Michael Jordan: I have inside sources within The Ravens locker room that Michael Jordan is thinking of coming back to sports but to play as an outside linebacker in The Nfl. I think the Ravens should consider this and I’m sure Ray Lewis will be jumping for joy. 10 sacks on Big Ben here we come Steelers because the champ is here.


Quarterback Jazz- I know you thinking in your mind saying wow but yes the Ravens are going to sign me to be there quarterback.  I got tired of seeing Joe Flacco win so many games without a super bowl and I got training from an elite quarterback coach called bob Billy gut. Jazz has lot of experience of playing quarterback (Madden 08, Madden 09, Madden 10) and has won many games. Joe Flacco should learn a whole lot from him as he sits on the bench and watch Jazz throw game wining interception (cough cough cough) I mean touchdowns.


Wideout Justin Bieber- I’m seeing Ravens fans saying we need to get younger and let Derrick Mason go; Well what better way to do that then sign wideout Justin Bieber. Justin Bierber will bring much youth to the Ravens receiving core and he famous for his zero touchdowns/zero receptions/hair but hey we got to get younger right? I know for sure Ozzie Newsome will be on the phone with him once the lockout is over and we will have a top five offense.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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