11th hour--let's all post our Ravens mock picks!

Here's mine to start--rationales after the jump:

1-Gabe Carimi--OT


3-Greg Romeus--DE

4-Owen Marecic--FB

5-Greg Salas--WR

5-Cliff Matthews--DE

6-Ricardo Lockette--WR

6-Ryan Bartholomew--C

7-Allen Bradford—RB

OT was the lynchpin for the Ravens' problems in offense—Carimi or Sherrod could be solid RTs and Yanda could move back to his natural Guard position where he plays best. IMO no other position is as important as OT for the Ravens, where the run game plummeted and the pass protection was horrible.


I see 7 Wrs taken in the 2nd, all of them ballers, and after that a huge drop-off. It would be cool to trade back from the 1st or up in the 2nd to get Torrey Smith or another receiver as well as Dowling. I went safe with the first 2 rounds: OT is a low-bust position and Dowling is high-character with major intangibles. I don't see CB as a need for the Ravens at all, but I really like Dowling, and he'll bring a physicality that the Ravens' short, speedy cover corners currently lack.


I had a really hard time with the 3rd round—not a lot of players I like here. Romeus could be Sergio Kindle 2.0, 1st round talent that plummets, potentially like Bowers. and is just too good for the Ravens to pass on. I'll admit the bust potential here is astronomical, but imo there are so few potentially elite pass rushers available after the first half of the 1st round that I have to take Romeus.


Marecic “plays like a Raven,” and I feel we need to seriously address the abysmal run game, once a proud Ravens strength. I highly doubt Pro Bowl FB Le'Ron McClain will be back next year, and Marecic could step right in, and with his high character and work ethic will be a very productive starter.


Salas is another high character, low-bust prospect. He could work from the slot for the Ravens and be another physical presence on the field. His play-making ability and solid hands will allow him and Flacco to abuse teams that double Boldin.


Matthews will be a steal—tons of starts, SEC competition, leadership intangibles as 2 year captain, pass rush upside, good all-around lineman.


Lockette is a high-bust prospect, potential character concern, but he has outrageous speed and I think the Ravens locker room will develop him nicely. Ravens need a vertical threat and he's a solid late round pick.


Ravens have expressed interest in Bartholomew already—athletic freak, arguably undersized but he has the work ethic, character and athleticism to overcome that. Hoping Birk can tutor him next year to take over in 2012. I really wanted to take a center in this draft as Birk has one solid year left in him.


Bradford—definitely overlooked prospect. Ravens need a power, goal-line back specifically, and scouts have nothing but good things to say about him there. The only knocks are that he can't do the things that Ray Rice already does better than almost anyone else in the game, so I don't really care if Bradford isn't the shiftiest guy in space or a receiving threat out of the backfield. With him plus Marecic the Ravens three-headed monster committee will be back.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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