MTD Final Live Mock Draft: Baltimore Ravens.

1. (26th) Derrick Sherrod - OT - 6'5" 321 lbs - Mississippi St.

  • With Jared Gaither's status with Baltimore up in the air right now, Sherrod could be an eventual replacement at RT where there seems to be a major hole right now. While Marshall Yanda is a quality starter at RT and can definitely handle his own there, we all know he has pro bowl potential at RG. Sherrod is a big framed Tackle with great pass blocking skills and enough power to be a good run blocker. Many people have Sherrod lower on their draft boards because they feel he plays without a mean streak and isn't aggressive enough. Those were the same things said about Michael Oher and he fell to us and has done a very good job in two years. Sherrod could have a very similar impact.

Picks 2-7 after the jump

2. (36th) Torrey Smith - WR - 6'1" 205 lbs - Maryland

  • TRADE: Baltimore trades picks 58th, 123rd and 181st to Denver for 36th.
  • I wanted to use the high number of picks we had to move up in either the 2nd or 3rd round to get better value, and that was accomplished. With all of Baltimore's targeted pass rushers taken already (Wilkerson, Houston, Watt, Kerrigan, Jordan, Ayers, Heyward) there were none available that were worth taking here. So I decided to make a move for Torrey Smith who can be an impact player right away for Baltimore. There is no denying that Torrey Smith is either the 3rd or 4th best WR in this draft. Guys like Titus Young and Greg Little would have been available at 58, but there are reasons why Torrey is seen as a first round pick in many mocks and Young and Little are seen as late 2nd and even 3rd round picks in some mocks. Smith has a very high upside and can turn into a do everything type of player in the future. For now, he gives Joe the much needed deep threat this offense is missing.

3. (90th) Greg Romeus - DE - 6'5" 280 lbs - Pittsburgh

  • Romeus is getting mixed reviews from analysts all over the internet and television. However, watching some of his highlights and you will see a constant motor and very, very strong pass rusher. Some injury issues are the reason Romeus falls into the 3rd, where just a short time ago some experts saw Romeus as a possible first round pick. Romeus is a former Big East Co-Defensive player of the year who finished his career with 20 sacks.

5. (164th) Demarcus Van Dyke - CB - 6'1" 176 lbs - The U

  • This pick sort of goes against everything Ozzie and Eric DeCosta have stated about not taking CB's after the 3rd round, but how can you pass on the fastest player in the draft who is also from The U? Van Dyke has great height, but a thin frame, which is a main reason he is dropping in most mocks. But the speed is there (4.28) and with some time in the weight room, could turn into a very good CB for Baltimore. Thanks to BAL_Hawk for making this pick.

5. (165th) Alex Linnenkohl - OG/C - 6'2" 303 lbs - Oregon St.

  • Linnenkohl is one of my favorite late round prospects in this draft. Coming from the fast paced, high powered Beaver offense, Linnenkohl was a durable starter who started 38 straight games over the last 3 seasons for OSU. A Center and Guard combo, Linnenkohl has all the tools to become a future replacement for Matt Birk.

6. (191st) Mario Fannin - RB - 5'10" 231 lbs - Auburn

  • Had over 3,000 all purpose yards in his Auburn career and played for a national championship team last year. Fannin is a hard nosed runner that does literally everything on the football field. He went 22 straight games with a reception while also being an adequate rusher. Some analyst see him as a FB because he is one of the best blocking RB in this draft, but after running a 4.37 forty yard dash at 231 pounds, RB seems to be his spot. For a team like Baltimore that loves the screen game, Fannin could be a good compliment to Rice



7. (226th) DeAndre Brown - WR - 6'6" 231 lbs - Southern Mississippi

  • Brown is one of the more interesting late round prospect because it is very rare you see a WR with that kind of size. Brown is dropping in most mocks because a broken leg after his freshman year seemed to hinder him a bit. Had 130 receptions, 2166 yards and 24 TD's in 3 season at So. Miss. Would bring great competition and a big body to Baltimore.

Full Draft Results

This will be the last live mock before the NFL draft. Look forward to seeing how it all plays out in less than two weeks.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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