Ex-Raven Update.

Here is a list of some of our ex-Ravens and how they are performing this year.

Derrick Mason:

So far this season Derrick has totaled 19 receptions for 170 yards and zero touchdowns between his time with the Jets and Houston. Masons' best week came in week three against Oakland when he totaled six receptions for 45 yards with a long of 12. His other two decent games came against our Ravens as he had three catches for 27 yards in week six against Baltimore. His longest catch and run of the year came in week four as he scampered for 30 yards against the Ravens.

I'm sure most Ravens fans still hold Derrick Mason in high regard since he was a warrior for us. He played hurt and always gave it his all, even when he was the only worth while receiver on our roster. However, it is 100% clear that Ozzie Newsome knew what he was doing in this case. It was time to move on and Baltimore is better off with out the aging star.

Willis McGahee:

Before the season Ozzie Newsome was quoted as saying that, "Willis was a player they lost that they felt could still have helped the team". It seems that again, Ozzie knows best. Willis, having not been put through the ware and tear of an every down back over the past few seasons, still has a lot left in the tank. He has turned the Denver Broncos' running game around all most completely by himself. Willis has run for over 100 yards six times this season. On the season he has rushed for 886 yards on 182 carries with four touchdowns. Willis was creating a ground game in Denver while Tebow was still sitting behind Brady Quinn. Now, with a new found love for the run with Tim Tebow and their option Offense, the Bronco's are primed for a play-off run!

McGahee could definitely still be productive here in Baltimore but I think Ozzie was right in this situation as well. You can't have a six million dollar running back as your back up. Besides, Ricky Williams has looked pretty good over the past few weeks and is not much of a downgrade from McGahee.

Dawan Landry:

Landry has had a very good season so far for the struggling Jaguars. He has tallied 71 tackles, one forced fumble, two interceptions, four passes defended and a half a sack. In Dawans' best year for the Ravens he totaled 86 tackles. A number he should eclipse over the next four games if he stays on his current pace.

Although Landry has played well in Jacksonville I am sure there are not too many Ravens fans that would take him back over Bernard Pollard. Not only is Pollard a harder hitter than Landry but his over all play just seems to be at a higher level than the former Raven. I liked Landry as a Raven but Pollard is the heavy hitter this secondary has needed ever since Ed Reed hurt his neck.

Next week we will check in with Jared Gaither, Kelly Gregg and Kyle Boller.

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