NFL Week 9 Odds & Ends

This week's NFL Odds & Ends come to you courtesy of the wagering site, Bodog, which not only lists a bunch of "normal" gambling options, but also a lot of proposition bets on many of this week's games. Take a look at a few that involve the Baltimore Ravens at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football.

WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Total # of 15 Yard Penalties in the Ravens/Steelers game Week 9        

Over                              1½ (-140)

Under                            1½ (EVEN)


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Who will record more sacks Week 9?

Baltimore Ravens           -1 (-130)                      

Pittsburgh Steelers        +1 (EVEN)       


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Odds to win the Super Bowl XLVI (Teams in blue have shorter odds, teams in red have longer odds, and teams in black have stayed the same)

                                                Pre-Season      Last Week        Current

New England Patriots                 11/2                  17/4                  6/1

Green Bay Packers                    7/1                    11/4                  13/5

Philadelphia Eagles                    15/2                  20/1                  12/1

San Diego Chargers                   11/1                  12/1                  16/1

New York Jets                           12/1                  20/1                  22/1

New Orleans Saints                   12/1                  8/1                    12/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                    13/1                  14/1                  9/1

Atlanta Falcons                         16/1                  28/1                  25/1

Baltimore Ravens                       16/1                  11/1                  12/1

Houston Texans                         20/1                  20/1                  16/1

Dallas Cowboys                         20/1                  25/1                  40/1

Indianapolis Colts                       20/1                  1000/1              1000/1

New York Giants                        28/1                  30/1                  30/1

Chicago Bears                           30/1                  50/1                  50/1

Detroit Lions                              30/1                  22/1                  18/1



Team Odds/Stats

WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Will the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI be a repeat Match Up between Green Bay and Pittsburgh?     

Yes                  8/1


Odds to win the 2011/12 AFC West Division    

San Diego Chargers                   1/2

Kansas City Chiefs                    13/4

Oakland Raiders                        4/1

Denver Broncos                         50/1


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Will the Cincinnati Bengals Make the Playoffs? 

Yes                  +125

No                    -155     


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Will the 49ers score a Rushing TD and not allow a Rushing TD Week 9? (The 49ers are the first time in 91 years to score, but not allow a rushing touchdown in each of their first seven games of the season)     

Yes                  5/2

No                    1/4


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Will the New England Patriots Score 30 or more Points and Tom Brady throw for 300 or more Passing Yards Week 9?  (The Patriots offense reached these thresholds in four of the first five games, but neither in the last two games)

Yes                  +200

No                     -300


Player/Coach Odds and Ends

WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Will Norv Turner be the Head Coach of the Chargers for Game 1of the 2012 Regular Season?

Yes                  1/2

No                    3/2       


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Philip Rivers - Total Turnovers Week 9  

Over/Under                    1½


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Will Frank Gore Record 125 Rushing Yards or more Week 9 for a 5th straight week?   

Yes                  +200    

No                    -300    


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - What will Chris Johnson's Yards per Carry be in the 2011 Regular Season? (He’s currently averaging 2.8 yards per carry)

Over/Under                    3.7       


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Who will have more rushing attempts Week 9? 

Chris Johnson (TEN) RB             -5                   

Javon Ringer (TEN) RB               +5


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Tim Tebow - Total Passing Yards Week 9          

Over/Under                    165½


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Tim Tebow - Total Rushing Yards Week 9          

Over/Under                    47½


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Tim Tebow - Will he score a Rushing TD Week 9?        

Yes                  +125    

No                    -155    


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Tim Tebow - Completion % Week 9       

Over 50%                      EVEN  

Under 50%                    -130     


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Tim Tebow - Total Turnovers Week 9    

Over                              1½ (Even)

Under                            1½  (-130)


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Tim Tebow - Total Sacks Week 9           

Over/Under                    4½


WEEK 9 SPECIALS - Tim Tebow - Will he be the starting QB of the Broncos for game 1 of the 2012 Regular Season?           

Yes                  3/1       

No                    1/5       

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