Joe Flacco Leadership

Hello Ravens fans/other fans. Today I will be speaking about   Joe Flacco Leadership but lets take a look at the defintion/qualites of leadership.


Leaders are recognized in sports, schools and businesses every day. Not all of these leaders are managers. Some are members of management, but others are employees who lead through example for coworkers. It does not take a specific title to be a leader. Instead, there are skills leaders have that make others want to perform at a high level when either working with them or for them. Leaders improve the performance of everyone around them.


Leadership of a team can be the difference between success and failure. Leadership is the process of determining goals for the team and finding a way for the team to meet those goals. Leadership involves finding ways to motivate team members or employees to reach their goals. Learning how to motivate for leader is not easy, as each employee or person on his team may have to be motivated in a different way. Finding out how to get each team member or employee to perform at her highest level is the job of a leader.


Leadership can be passive or aggressive. Showing good leadership involves reading people you are leading and finding what works with them. An "in-your-face" approach might get high performance from some members of the team, but it also can result in negative feedback from others. A laid-back leadership style can empower employees who work for you, but it can also result in an atmosphere in which the team feels unmotivated. The wrong type of leadership for a team or employee can be more damaging than no leadership at all.


    Joe Flacco is  the leader of the offense and  other players such as O-linemen/tackle, running back/fullback,wide receiver,and tight ends are his followers.Joe Flacco  leadership seems to be a passive type leadership where he not   a fiery  type guy pumping up his followers but indeed is laid back type leader, which can lead to his followers feeling unmotivate at times. In tough times Flacco followers are going to look up to him for some kind of answer/motivation to solve a  problem  and if  they can't find it from their leader than everybody will be lost.

   The leader is the head and the followers are the neck; If the head is not functioning then neither will the neck and if the neck not funtioning neither will the head. After last night game Joe Flacco said in a interview " We are a young football team, we are switching guys in up front and we have new guys  out there and we need some time" Leadership can be hard to do if the people you are leadering are still a little inexperience and it takes time for the leader to actrally grow a bond with his followers. 

   Joe Flacco leadership is still going through a growing phase  and this is his first year where he has been given the  full control of the offense. Joe Flacco leadership needs to improve just as well as his followers performance but the improvement of  leadership is still the important factor in order for this offense to develop/perform  the way it should.

                                        For more information about leadership please click here 

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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