Apologies to Terrell Suggs

I have been talking bad about Terrell Suggs for years. Hey, I'm a Steelers fan. It's in my blood. I deliberately mispronounced his name (Sluggs) and used a photoshop snipe at him as my profile pic. No more.

Suggs did five things last week that made me respect him. If he ever leaves the Ravens, I might even like the guy.

First and foremost, he played his ass off Sunday night. If the Ravens had won that game, I think he would have been the reason for it. The man was a wrecking machine. I knew he was good; that is one of the reasons I hated the guy. Sunday night, he was transcendant. The stats say he only had four tackles but he was constantly in Ben's face. He left it all on the field. I actually heard Ravens fans criticizing his attempt to strip the ball on that great shovel pass out of bounds. You can't please some people.

When Miller was down, Suggs was standing near for support. He could have been there to kick Heath if he tried to get up, but I prefer to believe in the positive side. Small gesture but it said a lot.

Suggs had the guts to speak up for James Harrison when most of the league is afraid to risk a fine. His comments about two sets of rules for the elite QBs and the rest of the pack were well played (and often quoted.)

He was clowning around in an interview and, when asked why his play was so much better this year, he said, "Well, I quit doing cocaine!" Next he immediately stressed that he was joking and ended with, "Oh, my mom is going to kill me!" Pretty funny moment that humanized him for me.

He and Mason were so upset about the loss that they were the last to leave the locker room. It took them that long to calm down. The B-more sports station reported that Reed and Lewis got out fast and refused to preen in front of the reporters. Both refused to answer questions. Suggs and Mason stayed around and talked about how much the loss hurt and how upset they still were.

I don't play fantasy football because I would never pick a non-Steeler and cannot root for someone from within our division. That said, I hope Suggs continues to have a good career, except for those two or three games a year when I want him to fall on his face. Oh, and he has one big, damn head, like a Casey Hampton head. How they fit into helmets, I'll never know.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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