Cruise Control

jackmca beat me to the punch, but here goes anyway.  While Miami is definitely more smash-mouth than in past years, they are “not a Jedi yet…”  Compared to the Ravens, they are still a relatively soft team.  Yeah, they bloodied our nose in the first quarter, but they could not go twelve rounds with us toe-to-toe.  In a year or two maybe, but not now.  Perfect example: late in the game, Brandon Marshall kind of half-asses a ball in which Reed picks off.  Plus, except for the debacle in 2007, we have kind of had Miami’s number, even going back to the SuperBowl year.

The Good

Josh Wilson –great game by him.  Ravens are going to have a “good problem” when Foxworth comes back next year.  Who are the two starting CB’s- Foxworth, Webb or Wilson?  And then who are the nickel and dimes- one of those three, Washington* or Carr?  Does Carr move to safety?  Do we keep six CB’s next year?  Like I said, good problem to have.  Wilson may be the best in-season move yet for Ozzie.  Penalties- very few.  Ravens are playing very disciplined football.  The two pass interference penalties against Webb and Mason were ticky-tacky and the one against Mason –okay, on the road, in Pittsburgh, Indy or NE, I expect, but the refs have got to give us, the  home team, the benefit of the doubt in that instance.  Picks- Webb, Reed and Wilson looking very good.  Spreading the wealth amongst the receivers: Boldin, Mason, TJ, Heap, Rice, heck even McGahee caught a ball.  Nice use of screens.  Flacco making good decisions with the football.  Great ball security- no turnovers.  And let us give credit where credit is due- Cam devised and called a good if not spectacular game glam –no faults there.  A David Reed sighting-!  Nice little end-around for him.  And last but certainly not least, what a great call on the fake punt –just a stake through the heart.  Love the imagination and the brass cahonies to call the play.  Gives every future opponent something else to think about, spend time working against.  Who knew Koch had such an arm?  Now I know why the Ravens only kept “two” QB’s- they can use Sam “Musket Arm” Koch in a pinch…

The Bad

Again, defense just brain-farq’d on Miami’s first drive.  But the good news is they made adjustments, tightened up and only allowed Miami a FG the rest of the way.  Pass protection.  Flacco is lucky he didn’t suffer a gaping chest wound on the one hit…

The Ugly

The abomination of the aborted drive right after the first pick.  The offense just sat that one out –they never got off the bench.  At home, against the phins, we can get away with that, but in the playoffs, we have *got* to cash in on those opportunities.  That is the difference between a SuperBowl victory and one-and-done in the playoffs.

And finally, the missed FG does not bother me (not talking about botched hold- the second miss).  Didn’t bother me then and does not bother me now.  Cundiff has been money when it counts and he hit two in the fourth quarter to seal the deal.  Kicking with the wind, he was hitting the back of the endzone –what is not to like?  *And lastly, Washington is in a slump right now.  He is too good a football player and he will bounce back.  His role may be reduced, for the time being, but he will make some plays for us down the road.

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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