Updated MVP, Conference, and Week 7 NFL Odds and Ends

I thought these Week 7 odds may be of interest to you.  They’re courtesy of Bodog,  Included below are updated MVP Odds, updated conference odds, updated SB odds, odds on if there will be a penalty for a helmet-to-helmet shot, Brett Favre vs. the Packers odds, Wade Phillips firing odds, and more.

Odds to win the Super Bowl XLV

Indianapolis Colts                        9/1
Dallas Cowboys                         40/1
New Orleans Saints                  11/1
New York Jets                               6/1
Green Bay Packers                    14/1
Minnesota Vikings                      16/1
Baltimore Ravens                         8/1                                                                                                                                          San Diego Chargers                  25/1
New England Patriots                  9/1                               
Pittsburgh Steelers                       7/1

Odds to win the 2011 AFC       
New York Jets                           7/2
Pittsburgh Steelers                  9/2
Baltimore Ravens                    9/2                                                                                                                               Indianapolis Colts                    5/1
New England Patriots            11/2

Miscellaneous Props
How many players will be fined by the NFL for Helmet to Helmet hits Week 7?
Over/Under                    1

Odds to win the 2011 NFC       
New Orleans Saints                   4/1
Atlanta Falcons                         11/2
Green Bay Packers                    11/2
Minnesota Vikings                     13/2
New York Giants                        7/1
Philadelphia Eagles                    15/2
Chicago Bears                           14/1
Dallas Cowboys                         16/1
Washington Redskins                18/1
Seattle Seahawks                      22/1
San Francisco 49ers                  30/1
Arizona Cardinals                       33/1
St.Louis Rams                           40/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers             50/1
Detroit Lions                              250/1
Carolina Panthers                      500/1
NFL 2010 - Odds to win NFC North Division     
Green Bay Packers                    11/10
Minnesota Vikings                     7/4
Chicago Bears                           12/5
Detroit Lions                              80/1
Odds to win the 2010 NFL MVP
Peyton Manning                         3/1
Drew Brees                               7/1
Chris Johnson                            7/1
Aaron Rodgers                           10/1
Adrian Peterson                         10/1
LaDainian Tomlinson                  10/1
Arian Foster                              10/1
Tom Brady                                10/1
Mark Sanchez                           12/1
Philip Rivers                              20/1
Rashard Mendenhall                   30/1
Ahmad Bradshaw                       30/1
Brett Favre                                50/1
Roddy White                             50/1
Reggie Wayne                           50/1
Andre Johnson                           50/1
Miles Austin                              50/1
Randy Moss                              50/1
Field                                         2/1
Vikings vs. Packers props
Will Brett Favre be shown on TV pointing his finger in the air after throwing a TD pass Week 7 vs. the Packers?
Yes                   -250
No                    +170
Will a Viking do the Lambeau Leap Week 7 vs. the Packers?
Yes                  7/1
Will Brett Favre get a roughing the passer call Week 7 vs. the Packers?
Yes                  +300
No                     -500
Who will record more Passing Yards Week 7?
Brett Favre                    +29.5
Aaron Rodgers                -29.5
Who will record more TD Passes Week 7?
Brett Favre                    -115
Aaron Rodgers               -115
Who will record more interceptions Week 7?
Brett Favre                    -225
Aaron Rodgers               +175
Who will record more Receiving Yards Week 7?
Randy Moss                  +9.5
Greg Jennings                -9.5
Who will record more Receptions Week 7?
Randy Moss                  Even
Greg Jennings               -130
Dallas Cowboys props
Will the Dallas Cowboys make the Playoffs?
Yes                  +800
No                    -1600
If the Cowboys lose Week 7 to the Giants will Wade Philips be fired before Week 8 game vs. the Jaguars?
Yes                  5/1
Will the Cowboys receive a penalty for excessive celebration Week 7 vs. the Giants?
Yes                  +400
No                     -600
Who will be the last remaining winless team in the 2010 NFL Regular Season?
Carolina Panthers          +350
Buffalo Bills                    -500
Which Division’s winner will have won more games?
NFC West          -1.5
AFC West         +1.5
Matt Moore – Total Passing Yards Week 7 vs. San Francisco
Over/Under                    170.5
Matt Moore – What will he do first Week 7 vs. San Francisco
Throw a TD Pass           +185
Throw an Interception      -225
Matt Moore – Completion % Week 7 vs. San Francisco
Over/Under                    55%

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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