The All-Time Greatest Plays In Raven History

Since Bruce Started the "All-Time" posts, I thought it would be appropriate to debate the "All-Time" greatest plays in Raven history. There are so many meaningful plays. It's hard to choose one that I would consider the greatest. I believe that it will be easier to deduce if many people throw in their opinions. Remember that we need to take the meaning of the play into account along with the overall meaning of the game. Therefore, I think that excellent plays made in the post season, especially the 2000 post season and Super Bowl, deserve the most consideration. I can think of three great plays off the top of my head. They all happened in the 2000 season, but this is not the only criteria for great plays. Feel free to nominate any play in any season, but be sure to provide your reasoning.

Anyway, I'll get the ball rolling. I'll name three plays and then nominate the play that I think is the best.

Shannon Sharpe's catch and touchdown versus the Raiders in the 2000 AFC Championship Game.


At the point in the game where this play happened, both teams were scoreless, and the Ravens offensive line was being dominated. This play literally set the tone of the game. Wih their defense that year, the Ravens would dominate if they had a lead. It is arguable that the Ravens would not have gotten to the Superbowl if this play was made. It sealed the game early on.

Jermaine Lewis' kickoff return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXV. Watch the video from 3:00.


This play may be the weakest of my group, but it was still an amazing, game-breaking play. It was game-breaking because the Giants had just scored on a kickoff return. The Ravens had the game in hand, and this play officially sealed the Super Bowl victory. I would have liked to select more plays in the Super Bowl, but since the Ravens easily rolled over the Giants, there were not many better than this. Again, this play my be the weakest of my group, but I put it in here because of the inspirational factor. Jermaine Lewis had lost his unborn son, Geronimo, only days before the Super Bowl. His touchdown still gives me goose bumps.

Ray Lewis' interception and touchdown versus the Titans in the 2000 playoffs.


This play is my nomination. I believe that this may be the greatest play in Raven History. In the game, the Ravens had been going back and forth with the Titans. The Titans kicker had missed several field goals and kept the Ravens in the game. At the point where this play had happened, the Ravens had just returned a blocked field goal for a touchdown and taken the lead 17-10. The pressure was now on the Titans. They needed to score and stay in the game. On the next drive, Steve McNair passed the ball to Eddie George, and Ray Lewis was able to wrestle it from his arms and return it for a touchdown. This play embodied the Ravens 2000 season, and has been a good example of Raven football in the subsequent years.

These are just my nominations. Let's hear everyone's opinions and come up with a consensus. 

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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