Remember Last Year's Draft?

ESPN's AFC North blogger, James Walker, had an interesting post today in his blog dealing with some of the comments said by AFC North fans last year following the draft.

These are rather funny to read, as many of them talk about how bad the Ravens were going to be last year. Check them out and I will highlight the ones dealing with the Ravens. I suggest you take the time to see how many idiots there are in this world.

  • "All trash talking aside, the Browns are in good shape right now, and I honestly think your Ravens are going to hit a rebuilding phase for a few years."
  • "The Steelers had another great, GREAT draft, as I said when Big Ben was drafted., this RB is a BEAST!"
  • "I think steelers got the steal of the draft with Limas Sweed."
  • "Jerome Simpson would've probably been around in the 3rd round, but he was their second top choice of all the WRs in this draft so this makes sense. He'll fit right in with the team and produce like Chris Henry did."
  • "I'm a Browns fan and I wouldn't trade Derek Anderson for Ben Roethlisberger. Why would I want to take on that contract? Besides, Brady Quinn is better than both DA and Ben."
  • "Baltimore, we own you so much we gave you our old team, then built a new one from scratch to woop the old one with. Thanks for playing. The tide has turned. Cleveland will once again field the class of the division."
  • "The browns had a horrible defense last year and did nothing to fix it. And the steelers have no O- Line still. They might win 5 games each next year."
  • "The ravens are the bottom feeders of the nfl right now... that team has no chance for a couple of years."
  • "Bengals and Ravens fans might as well leave this conversation since neither team has a chance next year. Steelers fans can feel the division slipping out of their finger and that is why they continue to deny the improvements the Browns have made. Just look at how Cleveland closed the gap in one season."
  • "Baltimore? Didn't they just draft a 1-AA QB in the first round?"
  • "We added Donte Stallworth, Corey Williams, and Shaun Rogers. Who did the ravens add, oh yeah nobody."
  • "Chad Henne and Brian Brohm were rated higher than Shane Falco [Flacco] and CHI and CAR didn't jump on either one of them in the 2nd round or any round for that matter. The Ravens got punked into wasting a 1st round pick on a 2nd round QB."
  • "I think that the Ravens are going to be surprised with Kyle Boller. Now that Brian Billick is out, and the new coach (not Ray Lewis) is running the team, Boller will improve. Not to mention, he now has 3 yrs experience. He actually looked much better than Steve McNair last year."
  • "The browns will be four games up on the steelers and you will be playing the third string by week 17."
  • "A+ draft by the Steelers. Getting Rashard Mendenhall at 23, Limas Sweed in the 2nd round and Dennis Dixon in the 5th round - a Slash or Randle El type player who can covert to WR and special teams - were "STEELS". Great job Mike Tomlin."
  • "The changing of the guard has begun. The Steelers run is over. The Browns have arrived."
  • "The Ravens are still trying to make up for letting DA go. Flacco is an over-hyped, D2 bum. Troy Smith will be the Ravens qb before Flacco.
  • "Thought that Max Starks lost his starting job last year? Are you sure you want him back in the starting lineup?"
  • "Browns 12-4, Steelers 10-6, Bengals 6-10, Ravens 1-15."

The opinions posted here are those of the administrator of this blog and his loyal readers. They are in no way official comments from the team, and should not be misconstued as such, even though he thinks he could do just as well or even a better job!

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