Updated: 2009 Free Agent WR's and CB's. CB's Gone and Boldin maybe resigning long term deal.

Well, we obviously know that right now the 2 weakest positions on our team is Wide Receiver and Cornerback, CB more of importance.

With Chris McAlister gone, an aging Samari Rolle, and some very terrible depth, it is definitely time to start getting younger and stronger at one of the hardest positions in the sport. There are a few big time names that could help us immediately outside of the draft. Here is a list of guys who have showed some great skill in the NFL and have become dependable (at times) role players.

Nnamdi Asomugha: Not to sure if Al Davis is this senial that he will get rid of one of the best in the league at CB, but it sure would be great to have raw, young talent like that in purple and black. But right now it is looking like Asomugha will be franchised this Thursday.  SIGNED A 3 YEAR, 45 MILLION $ CONTRACT ON 2/19

Dre Bly: Just released by Denver this week. I have always been a fan of Bly since he was on Detroit. I thought that when he went to Denver, we would be looking at the best 1-2 Corners in the league with Champ Bailey next to him. Guess I was wrong, but this would be a great pick up for us.

Leigh Bodden: Big CB, just like CMac was. 6'1" 193 and is still only 27 years old. Of course, he is from Hyattsville, MD, so already a plus to have a hometown guy. 13 INT's over his 6 year career and he either knows how to play or the Lions don't know what good talent is. Love to get him here.

Philip Buchanon: 7 year vet who at a time was one of the better Corners in this league. Still only 28 years old with 18 INTS in his career. Also a fellow Miami U guy.

Ahmad Carroll: Was just a first round pick by Green Bay 4 years ago but literally fell of the map. Ran into some legal trouble and really has not contributed to the Jets last season, but might work with us.

Drayton Florence: Well, the Jags certainly saw something in him before this previous season, giving him like a 5 year deal, but was just released last week. Got pretty good size at 6'0" 195.

Domonique Foxworth: Well, first off, he is from Baltimore and went to University of Maryland. I got to see him play when he was in high school and he was insane. Undrafted rookie who signed with the Broncos and was a starter the following season. I really think he could be an asset to this team for not a huge price.

Ricky Manning JR: Was a big time name when with the Panthers. Remember that NFC Championship game he had, it was like 3 interceptions in one game. Not the biggest guy at 5'9" but is a very physical player and will play good press coverage.

Keiwan Ratliff: Solid player for the Colts in his 5 years in the league. Could sign him to a nice deal.

Dunta Robinson: Well, this is one guy who would be huge to have. I have always thought that Robinson was one of the most, if not the most, underlooked CB's in today's game. He has been everything Houston could have asked for and it would be stupid for them not to re-sign him. If they do not, I would love to pick up a player like Dunta, he would fit perfectly in our system.  FRANCHISED BY HOUSTON ON 2/19

There are a good amount of other Cornerbacks out there, but they are rather old or have not really made a name for themselves. But hey, Frank Walker and Jim Leonhard didnt really have a name in this league, yet they were able to come to our team and positively contribute to one of the most beaten up Secondary's  in the league. If you would like to check out the rest of the Free Agent Corners, Click Here

However, I think it is time for the Ravens to get away from that image that we only win on defense. You know, that "Give it to the RB, hit Mason, hit heap a few times, get 3, and let the defense loose." When you have a QB that is this good of an athlete and has arguably the most beautiful deep ball in the game next to Drew Brees, you have to have a guy who just simply cannot be covered 1 on 1. Here are a few guys at WR that might be able to give us some sort of edge in the passing game.

**********NEWS**********: ANQUON BOLDIN's agent Drew Rosenhaus told Cardinals general manager Rod Graves that, while his client remains receptive to a trade, he is willing to sign a long-term deal with Arizona. Previously, Boldin had said he never would re-sign with the Cardinals, but now, after some time away from the team and the game, he has softened his stance.

However, if a long-term deal cannot be worked out, Boldin still would like to be dealt. But for the time being, Boldin wanted to give the Cardinals additional options. Rosenhaus and Graves met Thursday in Indianapolis. They covered some ground. There still is plenty more to address.

Antonio Bryant: Its a long strecth, but he would be a perfect Raven, I think. Even though I never really knew of him before last season, he came flying onto the scene with some sick numbers. It would be a bad move for Tampa to get rid of him, unless he came to Baltimore of course. FRANCHISED BY TAMPA BAY ON 2/19

Michael Clayton: He is considered to be a total bust considering being drafted in the first round 5 years ago. But he has enormous size, 6'4" 215, and maybe all he needed was a guy like Joe to throw to him.

Michael Jenkins: Really did everything he could for the Falcons last season and this is another guy I think would be stupid to get rid of. Jenkins is huge, 6'4" 215, and really made some nice catches last season. With a young QB, a stud in Roddy White, ATL would be making a mistake not taking this guy back. But hey, I will take him.

Reggie Williams: Another first round bust in many people's mind, but may just be looking for the right team. Another big guy at 6'4" 212, again, who might just need a little Joe in his life.

There are a couple other guys I left out there that are on this list, so if you would like to check out the rest of the UFA's Click Here. Yet, when I look over this list, I am not to sure if I see that truly stand out guy who could take our game to another level. This is my reason why I would like to see the Ravens go WR in the draft at least in the first 2 rounds.



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